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  • 1969    

    Support Ship Wichita class

    The Wichita class replenishment oilers were designed as alternatives to the far more expensive Sacramento.
    Only the last one ( Roanoke ) was built with hangars being the rest of the class modified in the 1980s


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    13500light (tn)
    40000full load (tn)
    200.90length (m)
    29.30beam (m)
    10.60draught (m)
    20max speed (knots)
    3Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
    2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
    1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-58
    1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-10


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        Typical Max
    US US Navy B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 23

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Fore River Shipyard - 6
    US NASSCO San Diego - 1

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyAOR-1USS WichitaNHPV19691993
    USUS NavyAOR-2USS MilwaukeeNLDL19691994
    USUS NavyAOR-3USS Kansas CityNZCM19701994
    USUS NavyAOR-4USS SavannahNFUF19701995
    USUS NavyAOR-5USS WabashNNIK19711994
    USUS NavyAOR-6USS KalamazooNKZO19731996
    USUS NavyAOR-7USS RoanokeNAMU - 719761995

    7 units


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    1966-jun-16Laid downUS AOR-1 USS Wichita
    1966-nov-29Laid downUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee
    1968-mar-16LaunchedUS AOR-1 USS Wichita
    1968-apr-18Laid downUS AOR-3 USS Kansas City
    1969-jan-1LaunchedUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee
    1969-jan-22Laid downUS AOR-4 USS Savannah
    1969-jun-1LaunchedUS AOR-3 USS Kansas City
    1969-jun-7CommissionedUS AOR-1 USS Wichita
    1969-nov-1CommissionedUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee
    1970-jan-21Laid downUS AOR-5 USS Wabash
    1970-mar-23LaunchedUS AOR-4 USS Savannah
    1970-jun-6CommissionedUS AOR-3 USS Kansas City
    1970-oct-1Laid downUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo
    1970-dec-5CommissionedUS AOR-4 USS Savannah
    1971-feb-6LaunchedUS AOR-5 USS Wabash
    1971-nov-20CommissionedUS AOR-5 USS Wabash
    1972-nov-1LaunchedUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo
    1973-aug-11CommissionedUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo
    1974-jan-19Laid downUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke
    1974-dec-7LaunchedUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke
    1976-oct-30CommissionedUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke
    1976-dec-26US AOR-4 USS Savannah I arrived onboard as part of a skeleton crew for the transit to the Brooklyn Naval Yards. Departed the Yards in Aug 1977
    1980-jul-16AircraftUS AOR-1 USS Wichita CH-46 Sea Knight based on the oiler crashed into the Indian Ocean during replenishment flight to the frigate Davidson
    1981-nov-21AircraftUS AOR-1 USS Wichita UH-46D 154035 accident
    1982-apr-2Port VisitUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke Subic Bay. Pictured CH-46 151934 bringing Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger
    1982-sep-24Port VisitUS AOR-4 USS Savannah visited Devonport on 24 Sep 1982 with at least 2 CH-46 (152567 and 153335) embarked.
    1983-sepUS AOR-1 USS Wichita Helped search for downed Korean airliner KAL007 shot down by the Russians
    1991-jan-13US AOR-3 USS Kansas City Operation Desert Shield/Storm 13Jan91 - 19Apr91
    1991-jan-15US AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo Operation Desert Shield/Storm 15Jan91 - 30Mar91
    1993-mar-12DecommissionedUS AOR-1 USS Wichita
    1994-jan-27DecommissionedUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee
    1994-sep-30DecommissionedUS AOR-5 USS Wabash
    1994-oct-7DecommissionedUS AOR-3 USS Kansas City
    1995-feb-15StruckUS AOR-1 USS Wichita
    1995-jul-28DecommissionedUS AOR-4 USS Savannah
    1995-oct-6DecommissionedUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke
    1995-oct-6StruckUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke
    1995-oct-6Fate: transferedUS AOR-7 USS Roanoke fleet reserve at Suisun Bay, California
    1996-aug-16DecommissionedUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo
    1997-apr-8StruckUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee
    1997-apr-8StruckUS AOR-3 USS Kansas City
    1997-apr-8StruckUS AOR-5 USS Wabash
    1997-apr-8Fate: transferedUS AOR-5 USS Wabash reserve fleet at Suisun Bay, California
    1998Fate: transferedUS AOR-1 USS Wichita reserve fleet
    1998-oct-29StruckUS AOR-4 USS Savannah
    1998-oct-29StruckUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo
    2001Fate: transferedUS AOR-2 USS Milwaukee fleet reserve
    2008-jul-15Fate: scrappedUS AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo to Esco Marine at Brownsville, Texas

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