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  • US Kilauea class

    Support Ship


    Support Ship Kilauea class

    As Ammunition ships they carry and deliver all kinds of ammunition utilizing helicopters for vertical replenishment (VERTREP) as well seven stations for conventional connected replenishment (CONREP).
    They are intended to be replaced by the new Lewis and Clark class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Lewis and Clark class 2006


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    11900light (tn)
    20000full load (tn)
    171length (m)
    25beam (m)
    9.40draught (m)
    20max speed (knots)
    22000power (shp)
    3Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    1Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
    1Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC
    1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-10


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        Typical Max
    US US Navy B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 22
    US US Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 12

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Bethlehem Sparrows Point - 2
    US Fore River Shipyard - 2
    US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 4

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyAE-26USS KilaueaNSHI19681980
    T-AE-26 USNS Kilauea 19802008
    USUS NavyAE-27USS ButteNWUO19681996
    T-AE-27 USNS Butte 19962004
    USUS NavyAE-28USS Santa BarbaraNDXU19701998
    T-AE-28 USNS Santa Barbara 19982005
    USUS NavyAE-29USS Mount HoodNWZR19711999
    USUS NavyAE-32USS FlintNFPW19711995
    T-AE-32 USNS Flint 1995--
    USUS NavyAE-33USS ShastaNRNC19721997
    T-AE-33 USNS Shasta 19972011
    USUS NavyAE-34USS Mount BakerNZHN19721996
    T-AE-34 USNS Mount Baker 19962010
    USUS NavyAE-35USS KiskaNMFC19721996
    T-AE-35 USNS Kiska 19962011
    USUS NavyT-AKE-1Lewis and Clark class USNS Lewis and Clark2006--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-2Lewis and Clark class USNS Sacagawea2007--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-3Lewis and Clark class USNS Alan Shepard2007--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-4Lewis and Clark class USNS Richard E. Byrd2008--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-5Lewis and Clark class USNS Robert E. PearyNPEA2008--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-6Lewis and Clark class USNS Amelia Earhart2008--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-7Lewis and Clark class USNS Carl BrashearNBRS2009--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-8Lewis and Clark class USNS Wally Schirra2009--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-9Lewis and Clark class USNS Matthew Perry2010--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-10Lewis and Clark class USNS Charles Drew2010--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-11Lewis and Clark class USNS Washington Chambers2011--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-12Lewis and Clark class USNS William McLeanNWMC2011--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-13Lewis and Clark class USNS Medgar EversNVRS2012--
    USUS NavyT-AKE-14Lewis and Clark class USNS Cesar Chavez2012--

    22 units


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    1965-mar-30OrderedUS AE-27 USS Butte
    1965-mar-30OrderedUS AE-26 USS Kilauea
    1966-jan-28OrderedUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1966-mar-10Laid downUS AE-26 USS Kilauea
    1966-jul-21Laid downUS AE-27 USS Butte
    1966-dec-30Laid downUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara
    1967-may-8Laid downUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1967-aug-9LaunchedUS AE-26 USS Kilauea
    1967-aug-9LaunchedUS AE-27 USS Butte
    1968-jan-23LaunchedUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara
    1968-mar-8OrderedUS AE-33 USS Shasta
    1968-mar-8OrderedUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker
    1968-mar-8OrderedUS AE-35 USS Kiska
    1968-jul-17LaunchedUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1968-aug-10CommissionedUS AE-26 USS Kilauea
    1968-dec-14CommissionedUS AE-27 USS Butte
    1969-aug-4Laid downUS AE-32 USS Flint
    1969-nov-10Laid downUS AE-33 USS Shasta
    1970-jul-11CommissionedUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara
    1970-oct-5Laid downUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker
    1970-nov-9LaunchedUS AE-32 USS Flint
    1971-apr-3LaunchedUS AE-33 USS Shasta
    1971-apr-8Laid downUS AE-35 USS Kiska
    1971-may-1CommissionedUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1971-oct-23LaunchedUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker
    1971-nov-20CommissionedUS AE-32 USS Flint
    1972-feb-4CommissionedUS AE-33 USS Shasta
    1972-mar-11LaunchedUS AE-35 USS Kiska
    1972-jul-22CommissionedUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker
    1972-dec-16CommissionedUS AE-35 USS Kiska
    1980-oct-1DecommissionedUS AE-26 USS Kilauea
    1980-oct-1Fate: transferedUS AE-26 USS Kilauea to T-AE-26 USNS Kilauea
    1980-oct-1CommissionedUS T-AE-26 USNS Kilauea
    1982-julUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker Part of US Sixth Fleet operations in the Mediterranean, refueled USS Vreeland FF-1068
    1983-feb-28AircraftUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara Near Diego Garcia, accident HH-46 152508
    1986-sepUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara Deployed to Med.
    1991-febUS AE-32 USS Flint Operation Desert Shield/Storm
    1995-aug-4DecommissionedUS AE-32 USS Flint
    1995-aug-4Fate: transferedUS AE-32 USS Flint to T-AE-32 USNS Flint
    1996-jun-3DecommissionedUS AE-27 USS Butte
    1996-jun-3Fate: transferedUS AE-27 USS Butte to T-AE-27 USNS Butte
    1996-aug-1DecommissionedUS AE-35 USS Kiska
    1996-aug-1Fate: transferedUS AE-35 USS Kiska to T-AE-35 USNS Kiska
    1996-dec-18DecommissionedUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker
    1996-dec-18Fate: transferedUS AE-34 USS Mount Baker to T-AE-34 USNS Mount Baker
    1997-oct-1DecommissionedUS AE-33 USS Shasta
    1997-oct-1Fate: transferedUS AE-33 USS Shasta to T-AE-33 USNS Shasta
    1997-oct-1CommissionedUS T-AE-33 USNS Shasta
    1998-sep-30DecommissionedUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara
    1998-sep-30Fate: transferedUS AE-28 USS Santa Barbara to T-AE-28 USNS Santa Barbara
    1999-aug-10DecommissionedUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1999-aug-10StruckUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood
    1999-aug-15Port VisitUS T-AE-26 USNS Kilauea visited Pattaya, Thailand with HC-8 HH-46D 150962 / RB-10 embarked
    1999-octFate: transferedUS AE-29 USS Mount Hood reserve fleet at Suisun Bay, California.
    2004-may-24StruckUS T-AE-27 USNS Butte
    2005-aug-5StruckUS T-AE-28 USNS Santa Barbara
    2006-jul-3Fate: sunkUS T-AE-27 USNS Butte as a target by SSN USS San Juan
    2008-sepDecommissionedUS T-AE-26 USNS Kilauea
    2009-jul-20US T-AE-34 USNS Mount Baker inactivated on 02aug10 announced
    2010-aug-2DecommissionedUS T-AE-34 USNS Mount Baker to reserve fleet
    2011-jan-15DecommissionedUS T-AE-35 USNS Kiska
    2011-apr-29DecommissionedUS T-AE-33 USNS Shasta to reserve fleet

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