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  • 2002    

    The LCF (Luchtverdedigings en commandofregat, air defense and command frigate) are designed around a SMART-L and APAR ( Active Phased Array Radar ) long range air / surface search radars and a Mk41 Vertical Launch System currently equipped with 32 Evolved Sea Sparrow and/or medium range Standard SM-2IIIA missiles but also capable of firing the SM-3 anti-ballistic variant and Tomahawk cruise missiles as well. For political reasons these 6000 ton state-of-the-art ships were classified as frigates.

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    ES F100 Alvaro de Bazan 2002
                            NO Fridtjof Nansen class 2006
                            AU Hobart class 2017
    NL De Zeven Provinciën class 2002
    DE F 124 Sachsen class 2003
                            DE F 125 Baden-Württemberg class 2019

    List of Ships

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    ESSpanish NavyF-101F100 Alvaro de Bazan Alvaro de BazanEBDA2002--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF802De Zeven Provinciën class Hr.Ms. De Zeven ProvinciënPAEQ2002--
    ESSpanish NavyF-102F100 Alvaro de Bazan Almirante Juan de BorbonEBDB2003--
    DEGerman Navy F219F 124 Sachsen class SachsenDRAA - SN2003--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF803De Zeven Provinciën class Hr.Ms. TrompPAET - TR2003--
    ESSpanish NavyF-103F100 Alvaro de Bazan Blas de LezoEBDC2004--
    DEGerman Navy F220F 124 Sachsen class HamburgDRAB - HA2004--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF804De Zeven Provinciën class Hr.Ms. De RuyterPAER - DR2004--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF805De Zeven Provinciën class Hr.Ms. EvertsenPAEU - EV2005--
    ESSpanish NavyF-104F100 Alvaro de Bazan Mendez NuñezEBDD - H2006--
    DEGerman Navy F221F 124 Sachsen class HessenDRAC - HE2006--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF310Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Fridtjof NansenLABN2006--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF311Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Roald AmundsenLABA2007--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF312Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Otto SverdrupLABS2008--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF313Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Helge InstadLABI20092019
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF314Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Thor HeyerdahlLABH2010--
    ESSpanish NavyF-105F100 Alvaro de Bazan Cristobal Colon2012--
    AURANDDGH 39Hobart class HMAS Hobart2017--
    AURANDDGH 41Hobart class HMAS Brisbane2018--
    DEGerman Navy F222F 125 Baden-Württemberg class Baden-WurttembergDRAD2019--
    AURANDDGH 42Hobart class HMAS Sydney2020--

    21 units


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