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  • twin 40 mm

    Naval Gun

    Used by

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    1943US Aircraft Carrier Casablanca class8
    1945US Support Ship Shenandoah class4
    1953CA Frigate Prestonian class1
    1954UK Aircraft Carrier Modified Centaur class2
    1956JP Frigate Ikazuchi class2
    1956JP Frigate Akebono class2
    1956JP Destroyer Harukaze class4
    1957IT Frigate Centauro class2
    1958IT Destroyer Impetuoso class4
    1959UK Aircraft Carrier Improved Centaur class5
    1961DE Frigate F 120 Köln class2
    1964DE Destroyer Type 101 Hamburg class4
    1969IT Helicopter Carrier Vittorio Veneto class3
    1970JP Frigate Chikugo class1
    1970PT Corvette Joao Coutinho class2
    1972JP Landing Ship/Platform Dock Atsumi class2
    1975JP Landing Ship/Platform Dock Miura class1
    1978ES Corvette Descubierta class1
    1978AR Corvette Drummond class1
    1981KR Frigate Ulsan class3
    1982EC Corvette Esmeralda class1
    1982IT Frigate Maestrale class2
    1983AR Destroyer MEKO 360H2 class4
    1983CO Corvette Almirante Padilla class1
    1985AR Corvette MEKO 140A16 class2
    1994GR Landing Ship/Platform Dock Jason class2

    In Service

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    US US Navy
    ID indonesian navy
    CA Canadian Armed Forces
    UK Royal Navy
    JP Japanese Navy
    IT Italian Navy
    IN Indian Navy
    DE German Navy
    TR Turkish Navy
    PT Portuguese Navy
    EG Egyptian Navy
    AR Argentine Navy
    ES Spanish Navy
    MA Royal Moroccan Navy
    KR Republic of Korea Navy
    BD Bangladesh Navy
    EC Ecuadorian Navy
    CO Colombian Navy
    GR Hellenic Navy

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