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  • NL Karel Doorman class

    NL Kortenaer class


    Frigate Karel Doorman class

    Also known as the Multi-purpose or M class they replaced both the Predator and van Speijk ships still in use in early 1990s. As of 2009, only two of eight units built remain in Dutch service being the others transferred to other navies


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    2800light (tn)
    3300full load (tn)
    122.30length (m)
    14.40beam (m)
    6.10draught (m)
    5000range (nm)
    29max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - Stork Werkspoor
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey
    1Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Sea Sparrow VLS
    1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
    1Naval Gun single 20 mm
    1Close-In Weapon System Goalkeeper
    1Naval Radar air search radar LW-08
    2Naval Radar fire direction radar STIR 180
    1Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226


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        Typical Max
    PT Portuguese Navy Westland Lynx 11
    NL Dutch Navy Westland Lynx 11
    CL Chilean Navy EC AS532SC Cougar 11
    BE Belgian Navy SNIA SA316B Alouette III 11
    BE Belgian Air Force NHI NH90 10
    NL Dutch Navy NHI NH90 NFH 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    NL Royal Schelde - 8

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF827Hr.Ms. Karel DoormanPAMA - KD19912006
    BE Belgian Navy F930 Leopold I 2007--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF829Hr.Ms. Willem van der ZaanPAMC - WZ19912006
    BE Belgian Navy F931 Louise-Marie 2008--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF830Hr.Ms. Tjerk HiddesPAMD - TH19932006
    CL Chilean Navy FF-18 Almirante Riveros 2007--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF831Hr.Ms. Van AmstelPAME - VA1993--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF832Hr.Ms. Abraham van der HulstPAMF19932004
    CL Chilean Navy FF-15 Blanco Encalada 2005--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF833Hr.Ms. Van NesPAMI - VN19942007
    PT Portuguese Navy F333 NRP Bartolomeu Dias 2009--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF834Hr.Ms. Van GalenPAMG - VG19942009
    PT Portuguese Navy F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida 2009--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF828Hr.Ms. Van SpeijkPAMB1995--

    8 units


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    1985-feb-26Laid downNL F827 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman
    1985-nov-6Laid downNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan
    1986-apr-10OrderedNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst
    1986-apr-10OrderedNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes
    1986-apr-10OrderedNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen
    1986-apr-10OrderedNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk
    1986-oct-28Laid downNL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes
    1988-apr-20LaunchedNL F827 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman
    1988-may-3Laid downNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel
    1989-jan-21LaunchedNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan
    1989-feb-8Laid downNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst
    1989-dec-9LaunchedNL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes
    1990-jan-10Laid downNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes
    1990-jun-7Laid downNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen
    1991-may-19LaunchedNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel
    1991-may-31CommissionedNL F827 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman
    1991-jul-1Laid downNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk
    1991-sep-7LaunchedNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst
    1991-nov-28CommissionedNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan
    1992-may-16LaunchedNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes
    1992-nov-21LaunchedNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen
    1993-feb-26CommissionedNL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes
    1993-may-27CommissionedNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel
    1993-dec-15CommissionedNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst
    1994-mar-26LaunchedNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk
    1994-junNL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94
    1994-jun-2CommissionedNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes
    1994-dec-1CommissionedNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen
    1995-sep-7CommissionedNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk
    1998-apr-4Port VisitNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk Apr98 STANAVFORMED embarked Lynx 267
    1998-octDeploymentNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan Operation Tellar Hurricane relief operations in western Caribbean Sea
    2004NL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes sold to Chile
    2004DecommissionedNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst
    2005Fate: transferedNL F832 Hr.Ms. Abraham van der Hulst to Chile as Blanco Encalada
    2005-dec-16CommissionedCL FF-15 Blanco Encalada
    2005-dec-22StruckNL F827 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman sold to Belgium
    2005-dec-22NL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan sold to Belgium
    2006-feb-3DecommissionedNL F830 Hr.Ms. Tjerk Hiddes
    2006-aug-25DecommissionedNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan
    2006-nov-1NL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes sold to Portugal
    2006-nov-1NL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen sold to Portugal
    2007-mar-29Fate: transferedNL F827 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman to Belgium as Leopold I
    2007-mar-29CommissionedBE F930 Leopold I
    2007-aprCommissionedCL FF-18 Almirante Riveros
    2007-aprPort VisitNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel visited West India Dock in early Apr
    2007-dec-20DecommissionedNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes
    2008Fate: transferedNL F829 Hr.Ms. Willem van der Zaan to Belgium as Louise-Marie
    2008-apr-8CommissionedBE F931 Louise-Marie
    2009-jan-16Fate: transferedNL F833 Hr.Ms. Van Nes to Portugal as Bartolomeu Dias
    2009-jan-16CommissionedPT F333 NRP Bartolomeu Dias
    2009-jan-16DecommissionedNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen
    2009-novFate: transferedNL F834 Hr.Ms. Van Galen to Portugal as Francisco de Almeida
    2009-novCommissionedPT F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida
    2010-jul-3HomeportBE F931 Louise-Marie 3+4 July participated with Fleet Days Zeebrugge Belgium
    2010-sep-29HomeportNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel Den Helder
    2010-sep-29Port VisitBE F930 Leopold I Den Helder, Netherlands
    2011-mar-1TrialsBE F930 Leopold I First trials with NH.90
    2012-mar-20NL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk homeport
    2012-apr-24AircraftBE F931 Louise-Marie Alouette 3 M-1 onboard
    2012-may-22Port VisitBE F931 Louise-Marie at Plymouth Sound, UK
    2012-novDeploymentNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel operating in Caribbean on counter-narcotics mission with Royal Navy PCRS RFA Argus.
    2013-may-23Port VisitBE F931 Louise-Marie Battle of the Atlantic 70th Anniversary at Alexandra Dock, Liverpool for BOA70 commemorations
    2013-nov-29Port VisitBE F931 Louise-Marie brought 70 sandbags of soil from Flanders, for WWI commemorations. Departed 2 Dec.
    2014-mar-31DeploymentNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 JW 14-1
    2015-jan-16Port VisitNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel visit to Liverpool Cruise Terminal until 18 Jan.
    2015-apr-11DeploymentNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
    2015-apr-11DeploymentBE F930 Leopold I Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
    2015-jul-4Port VisitNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk Marinedagen 2015 4 Jul 2015 at Den Helder for 350th Anniversary of Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, Marinedagen, with 860 Sq NH-90 N-318 embarked.
    2015-octDeploymentPT F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 participated in multi-national NATO Maritime Command exercise, until Nov 2015
    2015-novDeploymentCL FF-18 Almirante Riveros Exercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015 in Brazil for UNITAS 2015
    2015-nov-18DeploymentBE F930 Leopold I Opération Chammal Joined French carrier Charles de Gaulle battlegroup, until Jan 2016
    2016-feb-6AircraftNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel Torpedo fire exercise with NH90 N-324
    2016-junNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel SNMG2 part of SNMG2
    2016-oct-9DeploymentBE F930 Leopold I Exercise Joint Warrior 16-2 Participated in Ex JW16-2,
    2017-mar-22DeploymentBE F931 Louise-Marie Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1 Participated in Joint Warrior 17-1, in Scottish Training Areas
    2017-nov-28Port VisitPT F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida visited West India Docks on 28 Nov, departed 2 Dec 2017
    2018-janDeploymentBE F931 Louise-Marie two month deployment to Mediterranean, from late Jan
    2018-febAircraftBE F931 Louise-Marie Alouette III M-3 embarked by Feb 2018
    2019-novPort VisitNL F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk visited Pool of London, departed 11 Nov.
    2019-nov-4Port VisitPT F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida SNMG1 visited HMNB Portsmouth as part of NATO SNMG1.
    2021-mayDeploymentNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel Exercise Strike Warrior 2021 Strike Warrior, Joint Warrior 21-1 and formidabile Shield 2021 operations
    2021-mayDeploymentBE F930 Leopold I Formidable Shield 2021
    2021-may-6DeploymentNL F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel Exercise Strike Warrior 2021 received RAS from RFA Tidespring, off NW Scotland
    2022-jun-20Port VisitPT F333 NRP Bartolomeu Dias departed HMNB Devonport after visit.
    2022-17-15Port VisitBE F930 Leopold I visited Pool of London with NATO MCM group.

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