US Arleigh Burke Flight II class

US Arleigh Burke class

Guided-Missile Destroyer


Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight II class


helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
US US Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 01


US Bath Iron Works - 5
US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 2

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1998--USUS NavyDDG-72USS MahanNBTF
1998--USUS NavyDDG-73USS DecaturNDEC
1998--USUS NavyDDG-74USS McFaulNDLM
1998--USUS NavyDDG-75USS Donald Cook NDGC
1999--USUS NavyDDG-76USS HigginsNMEG
1999--USUS NavyDDG-77USS OKaneNOKN
1999--USUS NavyDDG-78USS PorterNPOR

7 units


1992-apr-08OrderedOrdered US DDG-72 USS Mahan
1993-jan-19OrderedOrdered US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook
1993-jan-19OrderedOrdered US DDG-76 USS Higgins
1994-jul-20OrderedOrdered US DDG-77 USS OKane
1994-jul-20OrderedOrdered US DDG-78 USS Porter
1995-aug-17Laid downLaid down US DDG-72 USS Mahan
1996-jan-11Laid downLaid down US DDG-73 USS Decatur
1996-jan-26Laid downLaid down US DDG-74 USS McFaul
1996-jun-29LaunchedLaunched US DDG-72 USS Mahan
1996-jul-09Laid downLaid down US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook
1996-nov-09LaunchedLaunched US DDG-73 USS Decatur
1996-nov-14Laid downLaid down US DDG-76 USS Higgins
1996-dec-02Laid downLaid down US DDG-78 USS Porter
1997-jan-18LaunchedLaunched US DDG-74 USS McFaul
1997-may-03LaunchedLaunched US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook
1997-may-08Laid downLaid down US DDG-77 USS OKane
1997-oct-04LaunchedLaunched US DDG-76 USS Higgins
1997-nov-12LaunchedLaunched US DDG-78 USS Porter
1998-feb-14CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-72 USS Mahan
1998-mar-28LaunchedLaunched US DDG-77 USS OKane
1998-apr-25CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-74 USS McFaul
1998-jun-19CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-73 USS Decatur
1998-dec-04CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook
1999-mar-20CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-78 USS Porter
1999-apr-24CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-76 USS Higgins
1999-oct-23CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-77 USS OKane
2007-apr-04AircraftAircraft US DDG-72 USS Mahan Exercises with Dutch Lynx 260
2007-jun-04 US DDG-72 USS Mahan BALTOPS 07 participated with BALTOPS 07
2007-jul-06Port VisitPort Visit US DDG-72 USS Mahan Vlissingen, Netherlands for navy days 2007. For Michiel de Ruyter 400th anniversary. Not in harbour in banishes with immersion.
2007-sep-04DeploymentDeployment US DDG-76 USS Higgins Exercise Malabar 07-2 Participated in multi-national exercise in Bay of Bengal, until 9 Sep.
2014-jul-03 US DDG-72 USS Mahan Kusdasi
2015-apr-03Port VisitPort Visit US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook visited South Yard, HMNB Devonport
2015-apr-03 US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook at Plymouth, England
2015-apr-11DeploymentDeployment US DDG-78 USS Porter Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 departed Norfolk Naval Station, VA on 27 Mar, to participate in Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 off NW Scotland
2015-apr-11DeploymentDeployment US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1 off north west coast of Scotland
2015-sep-08DeploymentDeployment US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook Exercise Sea Breeze 2015 on the Black Sea. Ukrainian Ka-27 aboard
2015-novDeploymentDeployment US DDG-74 USS McFaul Exercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015 participated in exercise in support of USS George Washington.
2015-nov-02AircraftAircraft US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook Turkey Seahawk TCB-65 onaboard during exercise Dogu Akdeniz
2017-jan-31DeploymentDeployment US DDG-72 USS Mahan Exercise Unified Trident participated with CTF50 for multi-national Ex Unified Trident in Persian Gulf until 2 Feb.
2017-marDeploymentDeployment US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook joined by USS Truxtun in the Black Sea, to offset Russian activity around Crimea.
2017-apr-07DeploymentDeployment US DDG-78 USS Porter launched Tomahawk missiles against al Sharyat airbase in Syria, while operating with US 6th Fleet from Eastern Mediterranean, with USS Ross.
2017-aug-01DeploymentDeployment US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 part of USS George H W Bush battle group
2018-may-07DeploymentDeployment US DDG-76 USS Higgins Conducted Freedom of Navigation cruise in South China Sea near the Paracel Group islands, together with USS Antietam.
2018-sep-30DeploymentDeployment US DDG-73 USS Decatur Conducted Freedom of Navigation cruise in South China Sea, near the Gaven and Johnson reefs in the Spratly Group islands.
2019-jun-25DeploymentDeployment US DDG-74 USS McFaul Engaged in maritime security duties in Arabian Gulf
2019-octDeploymentDeployment US DDG-75 USS Donald Cook Exercise Joint Warrior 19-2 Participated in JW19-2 in Scotland

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