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  • CL Condell class

    UK Leander class


    Frigate Condell class


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        Typical Max
    CL Chilean Navy Bell 206 11
    CL Chilean Navy SNIA AS332 Super Puma 11
    EC Ecuadorian Navy Bell 230 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Yarrow - Scotstoun2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    CLChilean NavyPFG-06Almirante Condell19732007
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro 2008--
    CLChilean NavyPFG-07Almirante LynchCCLY19742007
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM02 BAE Morán Valverde 2008--
    CLChilean NavyPFG-08Ministro ZentenoCCZE19912006
    CLChilean NavyPFG-09General Baquedano19921998

    4 units


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    1969OrderedCL PFG-06 Almirante Condell
    1969OrderedCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    1971-decLaid downCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    1972-jun-12LaunchedCL PFG-06 Almirante Condell
    1972-dec-6LaunchedCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    1973-dec-21CommissionedCL PFG-06 Almirante Condell
    1974-may-25CommissionedCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    1991-jan-8CommissionedCL PFG-08 Ministro Zenteno
    1992-junCommissionedCL PFG-09 General Baquedano
    1998-decDecommissionedCL PFG-09 General Baquedano
    2003Fate: sunkCL PFG-09 General Baquedano expended as target, off Los Vilos
    2004-jun-29DeploymentCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch RIMPAC 04 Participated in RIMPAC 04 exercise
    2006-febDecommissionedCL PFG-08 Ministro Zenteno
    2006-aug-11StruckCL PFG-08 Ministro Zenteno
    2006-decStruckCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    2007-jun-4DecommissionedCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch
    2007-dec-11DecommissionedCL PFG-06 Almirante Condell
    2008-apr-18Fate: transferedCL PFG-06 Almirante Condell to Ecuador as new BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro
    2008-may-29Fate: transferedEC FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro ex Chilean BACH Almirante Condell
    2008-oct-15Fate: transferedCL PFG-07 Almirante Lynch to Ecuador as a new BAE Moran Valverde
    2008-oct-15Fate: transferedEC FM02 BAE Morán Valverde ex Chile BACH Almirante Lynch

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