IT Soldati class

IT Lupo class



Frigate Soldati class

Four Lupo class frigates built for Iraq and completed between 1985 and 1987. The ships were emabargoed and never delivered and after a decade of non usage they finally entered service in the Marina Militare


helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 11
IT Italian Navy Schiebel Camcopter S-100 11


IT Cantiere navale di Ancona - 3
IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante1

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1994--ITItalian NavyF 582ArtigliereIAEP - F582
1995--ITItalian NavyF 583AviereIAEQ - F583
1995--ITItalian NavyF 584BersagliereIAEO - F584
1996--ITItalian NavyF 585GranatiereIAER - F585

4 units


1982-mar-31Laid downLaid down IT F 582 Artigliere as F-14 Hittin
1982-apr-07Laid downLaid down IT F 584 Bersagliere ae F-17 Al-Yarmuk
1982-sep-03Laid downLaid down IT F 583 Aviere as F-15 Thi Qar
1983-jul-27LaunchedLaunched IT F 582 Artigliere
1983-dec-01Laid downLaid down IT F 585 Granatiere as F-16 Al-Qadissiah
1984-dec-18LaunchedLaunched IT F 583 Aviere
1985-jun-20LaunchedLaunched IT F 584 Bersagliere
1985-nov-14LaunchedLaunched IT F 585 Granatiere
1994-oct-29CommissionedCommissioned IT F 582 Artigliere
1995-jan-04CommissionedCommissioned IT F 583 Aviere
1995-nov-28CommissionedCommissioned IT F 584 Bersagliere
1996-mar-20CommissionedCommissioned IT F 585 Granatiere
2010-sepDeploymentDeployment IT F 584 Bersagliere Combined Task Force 150 sep10-dec10
2012-apr-30 IT F 584 Bersagliere S-100 is first UAV to operate from an italian ship
2016-nov-09DeploymentDeployment IT F 583 Aviere Operation Sea Guardian Flagship assigned to NATO in Central and Eastern Mediterranean

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