PE Carvajal class

IT Lupo class


Frigate Carvajal class

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
VE Mariscal Sucre class 1980


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    Typical Max
PE Peruvian Navy Agusta AB212 ASW 11
PE Peruvian Navy Agusta AS-61 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante2
PE SIMA Callao - 2

List of Ships

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PEPeruvian NavyFM-51BAP CarvajalOBHH - 511978--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-52BAP VillavisencioOBHI - 521979--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-53BAP MonteroOBHF - 531984--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-54BAP MariateguiOBHG - 541987--

4 units


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1974-oct-8Laid downPE FM-51 BAP Carvajal
1976-apr-21Laid downPE FM-52 BAP Villavisencio
1976-jun-16Laid downPE FM-53 BAP Montero
1976-aug-13Laid downPE FM-54 BAP Mariategui
1976-nov-13LaunchedPE FM-51 BAP Carvajal
1978-feb-7LaunchedPE FM-52 BAP Villavisencio
1978-dec-23CommissionedPE FM-51 BAP Carvajal
1979-jun-21CommissionedPE FM-52 BAP Villavisencio
1982-oct-8LaunchedPE FM-53 BAP Montero
1984-jul-29CommissionedPE FM-53 BAP Montero
1984-oct-8LaunchedPE FM-54 BAP Mariategui
1987-dec-28CommissionedPE FM-54 BAP Mariategui

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