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  • IT Impetuoso class



    Destroyer Impetuoso class

    First post war destroyers built for the Marina Militare

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    IT DDG Impavido class 1963
                            IT DDG Audace class 1972
                                                    IT DDG Durand de la Penne class 1993


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    2775light (tn)
    3810full load (tn)
    127.60length (m)
    13.20beam (m)
    4.50draught (m)
    3000range (nm)
    34max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Naval Gun Mark 28 5/38 inch (twin 127mm)
    4Naval Gun twin 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    IT Cantiere navale Fratelli Orlando - 1
    IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    ITItalian NavyD 558Impetuoso19581983
    ITItalian NavyD 559Indomito19581980
    ITItalian NavyD 570Impavido class ImpavidoIAML19631992
    ITItalian NavyD 571Impavido class IntrepidoIANT - 57119641991
    ITItalian NavyD 550Audace class ArditoIARD19722006
    ITItalian NavyD 551Audace class AudaceIARU19722006
    ITItalian NavyD 560Durand de la Penne class Luigi Durand de la PenneIADP - D5601993--
    ITItalian NavyD 561Durand de la Penne class Francesco MimbelliIAFM - D5611993--

    8 units


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    1952Laid downIT D 558 Impetuoso
    1952Laid downIT D 559 Indomito
    1956LaunchedIT D 558 Impetuoso
    1956LaunchedIT D 559 Indomito
    1958-jan-25CommissionedIT D 558 Impetuoso
    1958-feb-23CommissionedIT D 559 Indomito
    1980DecommissionedIT D 559 Indomito
    1983DecommissionedIT D 558 Impetuoso

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