Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class

Originally Farragut class all gun ships were modified to be the first missile-armed fleet escorts designed and built as such


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5600full load (tn)
156.30length (m)
15beam (m)
5.30draught (m)
32max speed (knots)
85000power (shp)
4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
1Missile Launcher Mk 10 Terrier
1Naval Gun Mark 12 5/38 inch (127 mm)
1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Bath Iron Works - 2
US Bethlehem San Francisco - 1
US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard - 2
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island2

List of Ships

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USUS NavyDDG-45USS Dewey19591990
USUS NavyDDG-37USS Farragut19601989
USUS NavyDDG-40USS Coontz19601989
USUS NavyDDG-41USS King19601991
USUS NavyDDG-42USS Mahan19601993
USUS NavyDDG-46USS Preble19601991
USUS NavyDDG-38USS Luce19611991
USUS NavyDDG-39USS Macdonough19611992
USUS NavyDDG-43USS Dahlgren19611992
USUS NavyDDG-44USS William V. Pratt19611991

10 units


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1955-nov-18OrderedUS DDG-41 USS King as DL-10
1955-nov-18OrderedUS DDG-42 USS Mahan as DL-11
1956OrderedUS DDG-45 USS Dewey as DL-14
1956OrderedUS DDG-46 USS Preble as DL-15
1956-jul-23OrderedUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren as DL-12
1956-jul-23OrderedUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt as DL-13
1956-nov-14US DDG-41 USS King reclassified as DLG-10
1957-mar-1Laid downUS DDG-40 USS Coontz
1957-mar-1Laid downUS DDG-41 USS King
1957-jul-31Laid downUS DDG-42 USS Mahan
1957-aug-10Laid downUS DDG-45 USS Dewey
1957-dec-16Laid downUS DDG-46 USS Preble
1958-mar-1Laid downUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren
1958-mar-1Laid downUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt
1958-nov-30LaunchedUS DDG-45 USS Dewey
1958-dec-6LaunchedUS DDG-40 USS Coontz
1958-dec-6LaunchedUS DDG-41 USS King
1959-may-23LaunchedUS DDG-46 USS Preble
1959-oct-7LaunchedUS DDG-42 USS Mahan
1959-dec-7CommissionedUS DDG-45 USS Dewey as DLG-14
1960-mar-6LaunchedUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt
1960-mar-16LaunchedUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren
1960-may-9CommissionedUS DDG-46 USS Preble as DLG-15
1960-jul-15CommissionedUS DDG-40 USS Coontz as DLG-9
1960-nov-17CommissionedUS DDG-41 USS King as DLG-10
1960-dec-10CommissionedUS DDG-37 USS Farragut as DLG-6
1960-dec-25CommissionedUS DDG-42 USS Mahan as DLG-11
1961-apr-8CommissionedUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren as DLG-12
1961-may-20CommissionedUS DDG-38 USS Luce as DLG-7
1961-nov-4CommissionedUS DDG-39 USS Macdonough as DLG-8
1961-nov-4CommissionedUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt as DLG-13
1967-mayDeploymentUS DDG-42 USS Mahan with combat SAR Sea King 148985 off the coast of Vietnam
1975-jun-30US DDG-37 USS Farragut reclassified as DDG-37
1975-jun-30US DDG-38 USS Luce reclassified as DDG-38
1975-jun-30US DDG-39 USS Macdonough reclassified as DDG-39
1975-jun-30US DDG-40 USS Coontz reclassified as DDG-40
1975-jun-30US DDG-41 USS King reclassified as DDG-41
1975-jun-30US DDG-42 USS Mahan reclassified as DDG-42
1975-jun-30US DDG-43 USS Dahlgren reclassified as DDG-43
1975-jun-30US DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt reclassified as DDG-44
1975-jun-30US DDG-45 USS Dewey reclassified as DDG-45
1975-jun-30US DDG-46 USS Preble reclassified as DDG-46
1982RefitUS DDG-42 USS Mahan New Threat Upgrade (NTU)
1989-oct-2DecommissionedUS DDG-40 USS Coontz
1989-oct-31DecommissionedUS DDG-37 USS Farragut
1990-aug-31DecommissionedUS DDG-45 USS Dewey
1991-mar-28DecommissionedUS DDG-41 USS King
1991-apr-1DecommissionedUS DDG-38 USS Luce
1991-sep-30DecommissionedUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt
1991-nov-15DecommissionedUS DDG-46 USS Preble
1992-jul-31DecommissionedUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren
1992-oct-23DecommissionedUS DDG-39 USS Macdonough
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-37 USS Farragut
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-38 USS Luce
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-41 USS King
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-43 USS Dahlgren
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-45 USS Dewey
1992-nov-20StruckUS DDG-46 USS Preble
1992-nov-30StruckUS DDG-39 USS Macdonough
1993-jun-15DecommissionedUS DDG-42 USS Mahan
1993-jun-15StruckUS DDG-42 USS Mahan
1994Fate: scrappedUS DDG-45 USS Dewey
1995Fate: scrappedUS DDG-41 USS King J L Metals, Wilmington N.C.
1999-febFate: scrappedUS DDG-40 USS Coontz Philadelphia
2004Fate: scrappedUS DDG-39 USS Macdonough Philadelphia
2005-jun-17Fate: scrappedUS DDG-38 USS Luce Philadelphia, PA
2006-sep-26Fate: scrappedUS DDG-37 USS Farragut Brownsville, Texas

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