UK Exocet Leander class

UK Leander class


Units shown below are those which were not further modified from the initial Exocet fit (see Towed Array Exocet Leander). Conversions below to Exocet operation began with HMS Minerva in Dec 1975 and completed when HMS Penelope returned to service in 1981.

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4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher

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    Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland wasp 11
EC Ecuadorian Navy Bell 206 01

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Shipyards Login to Edit

UK HMD Devonport - Devonport1
UK Vickers-Armstrong - High Walker2

Ships on Database Login to Edit

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UKRoyal NavyF127HMS PenelopeGHWM - PN19631991
EC Ecuadorian Navy FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro 19912008
UKRoyal NavyF45HMS MinervaGNZU - MV19661992
UKRoyal NavyF47HMS DanaeGQDA - DN19671991
EC Ecuadorian Navy FM02 BAE Morán Valverde 19912008

3 units

Events Login to Edit

1959OrderedUK F127 HMS Penelope as Type 61 Cathedral Class HMS Coventry
1961-mar-14Laid downUK F127 HMS Penelope
1962-aug-17LaunchedUK F127 HMS Penelope
1963-jul-25Laid downUK F45 HMS Minerva
1963-oct-31CommissionedUK F127 HMS Penelope with deck letters PE
1964-jan-16AircraftUK F127 HMS Penelope assigned 700W Sq Wasp XS534/184-PE and transferred as XS534/454-PE when 829 Sq formed in Mar 1964, until Oct 1966
1964-dec-16Laid downUK F47 HMS Danae
1964-dec-19LaunchedUK F45 HMS Minerva
1965-oct-31LaunchedUK F47 HMS Danae
1966-apr-15CommissionedUK F45 HMS Minerva known informally as the Mighty Min
1966-novRefitUK F127 HMS Penelope Sea Wolf refit for Seawolf trials
1967-jun-23TrialsUK F127 HMS Penelope became Seawolf trials ship
1967-sepAircraftUK F47 HMS Danae assigned 829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT415 as Danae Flt/464, until Sep 1969
1967-sep-7CommissionedUK F47 HMS Danae
1967-novDeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
1967-decDeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva Beira Patrol off Mozambique, for sanctions enforcement
1968-oct-18DeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae departed HMNB Devonport for 13 month Far East and Australasian deployment, returned 2 Oct 1969.
1968-decDeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae Beira Patrol off Mozambique Channel, enforcing UN sanctions.
1969-feb-28Port VisitUK F47 HMS Danae visit to Auckland, NZ, departed on 10 Mar
1969-mar-19DeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva Operation Sheepskin ordered to Anguilla, after collecting parts of 2 PARA flown from the UK to the Caribbean. Operated in company with HMS Rothesay.
1969-aug-11DeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae Beira Patrol off Mozambique Channel, enforcing UN sanctions until 18 Aug.
1969-sep-6AircraftUK F47 HMS Danae Wasp XT415/464 ditched after engine failure off Cape Town. Float bags deployed and airframe recovered. To Fleetlands by Oct 1969.
1969-novAircraftUK F45 HMS Minerva assigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT788 as /424-MV by Nov 1969 until c Aug 1975
1969-nov-23Port VisitUK F47 HMS Danae 3 day visit to Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly, departed on 26 Nov.
1970-feb-12Port VisitUK F47 HMS Danae visited Lisbon, until 16 Feb 1970
1972-marRefitUK F45 HMS Minerva at HMD Chatham, until Jul 1972
1973-feb-12DeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva departed HMNB Devonport for 6 month Caribbean deployment, returning to HMNB Portsmouth 28 Aug 1973.
1973-mayAircraftUK F47 HMS Danae assigned 829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XS572 as Danae Flt/477, until c Apr 1977
1974-janDeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae departed UK as escort to HMS Fife, Flagship of Task Group 317.1 for 9 month Indian Ocean and Australia group deployment in company with HMS Apollo, HMS Argonaut, HMS Ariadne and HMS Londonderry, supported by RFA Tarbatness. Returned to HMNB Devonport on 4 Oct.
1975-decRefitUK F45 HMS Minerva MM38 Exocet single launcher Conversion to Exocet began at HMD Chatham, completed 1979
1976-aprAircraftUK F47 HMS Danae took Arethusa Flt Wasp HAS.1 XT437 on loan until May
1977-jun-25DeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review (7th Frigate Squadron), off Browndown
1977-augRefitUK F47 HMS Danae MM38 Exocet single launcher Conversion to Exocet began, completed 1980
1978-janRefitUK F127 HMS Penelope MM38 Exocet single launcher Conversion to Exocet and Lynx operations began, completed Jan 1981, deck letters PN
1982-janAircraftUK F127 HMS Penelope assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ730 / 454-PN, until 3 Apr 1982, when it was transferred to HMS Minerva
1982-apr-3AircraftUK F45 HMS Minerva transferred 815 Sq Lynx XZ730 in from HMS Penelope, via Hercules from Yeovilton and onward relay by RFA Fort Austin to the South Atlantic, although the transfer never materialised with XZ730 going to HMS Arrow on 17 Apr.
1982-apr-24AircraftUK F127 HMS Penelope assigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ691 / (454) until c Jul 1982
1982-may-10DeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic as part of Bristol Group, leaving theatre on 15 Jul 1982.
1982-may-10DeploymentUK F127 HMS Penelope Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic as part of Bristol Group, leaving theatre on 23 Aug 1982.
1982-augDeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae to South Atlantic, patrolling the Falklands and escort for HMS Illustrious, on station
1982-nov-22UK F45 HMS Minerva Struck HMS Yarmouth in stern, off Portland.
1985DeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae to South Atlantic, patrolling the Falklands
1985-julDeploymentUK F127 HMS Penelope Deployed to South Atlantic patrol with HMS Amazon. Visits to South Georgia and Falkland Islands ports. Nov 85: Relieved by HM ships Danae and Avenger. Visits to St Vincent and Antigua on return leg back to UK, arriving at Devonport just prior to Christmas 85.
1986-janUK F127 HMS Penelope into reserve, until Sep 1986
1988DeploymentUK F127 HMS Penelope during Ex Teamwork 88, collided with HMCS Provider sustaining damage on port side
1990-jan-15DeploymentUK F45 HMS Minerva departed for a 6 month round the world training cruise, escorting HMS Bristol (flagship) and in company with HMS Ariadne, as part of the Dartmouth Training Squadron. Returned to HMNB Devonport on 13 Jul.
1990-julDeploymentUK F47 HMS Danae departed HMNB Devonport for 5 month South Atlantic deployment, returning Dec 1990 after being relieved by HMS Cumberland.
1991DecommissionedUK F47 HMS Danae
1991-aprFate: transferedUK F127 HMS Penelope to Ecuador as Presidente Eloy Alfaro
1991-may-25Fate: transferedEC FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro ex UK RN HMS Penelope (F127)
1991-julFate: transferedUK F47 HMS Danae to Ecuador as Moran Valverde
1991-julFate: transferedEC FM02 BAE Morán Valverde to Ecuador, ex UK RN HMS Danae (F47)
1992-marDecommissionedUK F45 HMS Minerva
1993Fate: scrappedUK F45 HMS Minerva
2008-mar-19DecommissionedEC FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro
2008-oct-15DecommissionedEC FM02 BAE Morán Valverde

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