UK Leander (mod) class

UK Leander class


    Derivatives / Succeeded by
IN Godavari class 1983
                        IN Brahmhaputra class 2000


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UK Vosper Thornycroft - Woolston1

List of Ships

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UKRoyal NavyF52HMS JunoGOGH - JO19671992
INIndian NavyF20Godavari class INS GodavariVWGJ1983--
INIndian NavyF22Godavari class INS Ganga1985--
INIndian NavyF21Godavari class INS GomatiVWGT1988--
INIndian NavyF31Brahmhaputra class INS BrahmaputraVWSA2000--
INIndian NavyF39Brahmhaputra class INS Betwas2004--
INIndian NavyF37Brahmhaputra class INS BeasAUGX2005--

7 units


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1964-jul-16Laid downUK F52 HMS Juno
1965-nov-24LaunchedUK F52 HMS Juno
1967-jul-18CommissionedUK F52 HMS Juno
1967-jul-24AircraftUK F52 HMS Juno Wasp HAS.1 XS542/465 assigned as Juno Flt until c Jan 1970
1970-aprAircraftUK F52 HMS Juno Wasp HAS.1 XT424/465 assigned as Juno Flt until Jun 1975.
1975-jun-4AircraftUK F52 HMS Juno Wasp XT424 / 465 ditched 4 Jun 1975 off ship while en route Gibraltar to Malta. Recovered and returned to UK via Gibraltar.
1975-julAircraftUK F52 HMS Juno Wasp HAS.1 XT422/465 assigned as Juno Flt until c Mar 1976.
1977-novAircraftUK F52 HMS Juno Wasp HAS.1 XT438/465 assigned as Juno Flt (until c Mar 1981 ?)
1978-may-31DeploymentUK F52 HMS Juno departed HMNB Portsmouth as escort to HMS Blake, the Flagship of Task Group 317.7 for a 6.5 month Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific group deployment, supported by RFA Green Rover, RFA Stromness and RFA Tidespring. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Ambuscade, HMS Hermione and HMS Leander, returned to UK 12 Dec 1978.
1981RefitUK F52 HMS Juno Conversion to Navigation Training Ship began, completed 1985
1981UK F52 HMS Juno 1981 UK Defence Review caused Juno s planned Exocet conversion to be cancelled
1992-novDecommissionedUK F52 HMS Juno
1994Fate: scrappedUK F52 HMS Juno

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