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  • UK Mark 8 4.5 inch (114mm)

    UK Mark 5 4.5 inch (114mm)
    Naval Gun

    Naval Gun Mark 8  4.5 inch (114mm)

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    UK Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch 2001


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    113caliber (mm)
    25Rate of fire (round/min)
    22range (km)

    Used by

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    1973UK Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 82 Bristol class1
    1974UK Frigate Type 21 Amazon class1
    1977AR Guided-Missile Destroyer Hercules class1
    1989BR Corvette Inha├║ma class1
    2004AR Command ship Hercules class1

    In Service

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    UK Royal Navy
    PK Pakistan Navy
    AR Argentine Navy
    BR Brazilian Navy

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