JP Shirane class


JP Haruna class
Helicopter Carrier


Helicopter Carrier Shirane class

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
JP Hyuga class 2009
                        JP Izumo class 2015


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    Typical Max
JP JMSDF Mitsubishi S-61 33
JP JMSDF Mitsubishi SH-60J Seahawk 03

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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JP Ishikawajima Shipyard (IHI) - Isogo2

List of Ships

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JPJMSDFDDH 143JDS Shirane1980--
JPJMSDFDDH 144JDS Kurama1981--
JPJMSDFDDH 181Hyuga class JS Hyūga812009--
JPJMSDFDDH 182Hyuga class JS Ise822011--
JPJMSDFDDH-183Izumo class JDS IzumoJSUM - 832015--

5 units


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1977-feb-25Laid downJP DDH 143 JDS Shirane
1978-feb-17Laid downJP DDH 144 JDS Kurama
1978-sep-18LaunchedJP DDH 143 JDS Shirane
1979-sep-20LaunchedJP DDH 144 JDS Kurama
1980-mar-17CommissionedJP DDH 143 JDS Shirane
1981-mar-27CommissionedJP DDH 144 JDS Kurama

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