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  • JP Ikazuchi class




    Formally escort destroyer and also know as Type 9

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    JP Isuzu class 1961
                            JP Chikugo class 1970
                                                    JP Ishikari class 1981
                                                                            JP Yubari class 1983
                                                                                                    JP Abukuma class 1989


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    1080light (tn)
    87.50length (m)
    8.70beam (m)
    3.10draught (m)
    25max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
    1Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW
    1Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    JP Mitsui Tamano - 2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    JPJMSDFDE 202JDS Ikazuchi19561976
    JPJMSDFDE 203JDS Inazuma19561977
    JPJMSDFDE 211Isuzu class JDS Isuzu19611992
    JPJMSDFDE 212Isuzu class JDS Mogami19611991
    JPJMSDFDE 213Isuzu class JDS Kitakami19641993
    JPJMSDFDE 214Isuzu class JDS Ohi19641993
    JPJMSDFDE 215Chikugo class JDS Chikugo19701996
    JPJMSDFDE 216Chikugo class JDS Ayase19711996
    JPJMSDFDE 217Chikugo class JDS Mikumo19711997
    JPJMSDFDE 218Chikugo class JDS Tokachi19721998
    JPJMSDFDE 219Chikugo class JDS Iwase19721998
    JPJMSDFDE 220Chikugo class JDS Chitose19731999
    JPJMSDFDE 221Chikugo class JDS Niyodo19741999
    JPJMSDFDE 222Chikugo class JDS Teshio19752000
    JPJMSDFDE 223Chikugo class JDS Yoshino19752001
    JPJMSDFDE 224Chikugo class JDS Kumano19752001
    JPJMSDFDE 225Chikugo class JDS Noshiro19772003
    JPJMSDFDE 226Ishikari class JDS Ishikari1981--
    JPJMSDFDE 227Yubari class JDS Yubari1983--
    JPJMSDFDE 228Yubari class JDS Yubetsu1984--
    JPJMSDFDE 229Abukuma class JDS Abukuma1989--
    JPJMSDFDE 230Abukuma class JDS Jintsu1990--
    JPJMSDFDE 231Abukuma class JDS Ohyodo1991--
    JPJMSDFDE 232Abukuma class JDS Sendai1991--
    JPJMSDFDE 233Abukuma class JDS Chikuma1993--
    JPJMSDFDE 234Abukuma class JDS Tone1993--

    26 units


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    1954-dec-18Laid downJP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi
    1954-dec-25Laid downJP DE 203 JDS Inazuma
    1955-aug-4LaunchedJP DE 203 JDS Inazuma
    1955-sep-6LaunchedJP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi
    1956-apr-1CommissionedJP DE 203 JDS Inazuma
    1956-may-29CommissionedJP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi
    1976DecommissionedJP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi
    1977DecommissionedJP DE 203 JDS Inazuma
    1983StruckJP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi
    1983StruckJP DE 203 JDS Inazuma

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