JP Murasame 1958 class

むらさめ型護衛艦 (初代)

JP Ayanami class


Antisubmarine ships but with anti ship improved weaponry as well. The 5/54 inch guns used in this class were removed from the Midway aircraft carriers. Later redesignated as DDs

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
JP Akizuki class 1960
                        JP Yamagumo class 1966
                                                JP Minegumo class 1967


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1840light (tn)
110length (m)
11beam (m)
3.70draught (m)
32max speed (knots)
35000power (shp)
2Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
3Naval Gun Mark 39 5/54 inch (127mm)
1Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW
1Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack
2Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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JP Ishikawajima Shipyard (IHI) - Isogo1
JP Mitsubishi Nagasaki - 1
JP Sumitomo Uraga - Uraga1

List of Ships

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JPJMSDFDDA 107JDS Murasame19591988
JPJMSDFDDA 108JDS Yudachi19591987
JPJMSDFDDA 109JDS Harusame19591989
JPJMSDFDD 161Akizuki class JDS Akizuki19601993
JPJMSDFDD 162Akizuki class JDS Teruzuki19601993
JPJMSDFDDK 113Yamagumo class JDS Yamagumo19661995
JPJMSDFDDK 114Yamagumo class JDS Makigumo19661995
JPJMSDFDDK 115Yamagumo class JDS Asagumo19671998
JPJMSDFDD 116Minegumo class JDS Minegumo19681999
JPJMSDFDD 117Minegumo class JDS Natsugumo19691999
JPJMSDFDD 118Minegumo class JDS Murakumo19702000
JPJMSDFDDK 119Yamagumo class JDS Aokumo19722003
JPJMSDFDDK 120Yamagumo class JDS Akigumo19742005
JPJMSDFDDK 121Yamagumo class JDS Yuugumo19782005

14 units


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1957-dec-16Laid downJP DDA 107 JDS Murasame
1957-dec-16Laid downJP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi
1958-jun-17Laid downJP DDA 109 JDS Harusame
1958-jul-31LaunchedJP DDA 107 JDS Murasame
1958-jul-31LaunchedJP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi
1959-mar-16CommissionedJP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi
1959-mar-31CommissionedJP DDA 107 JDS Murasame
1959-jun-18LaunchedJP DDA 109 JDS Harusame
1959-dec-15CommissionedJP DDA 109 JDS Harusame
1984Fate: transferedJP DDA 107 JDS Murasame as ASU 7006
1984Fate: transferedJP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi as ASU 7007
1985Fate: transferedJP DDA 109 JDS Harusame as ASU 7008
1987DecommissionedJP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi
1988-mar-23DecommissionedJP DDA 107 JDS Murasame
1989-mayDecommissionedJP DDA 109 JDS Harusame

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