JP Akizuki class


JP Murasame 1958 class



This class was designed as antisubmarine groups leaders

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1966 JP Yamagumo class
1967         JP Minegumo class


2900full load (tn)
118length (m)
12beam (m)
4draught (m)
32max speed (knots)
45000power (shp)

4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines

3Naval Gun Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)
2Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW
1Rocket Launcher Mk 108 Weapon Alfa ASW mortar
4Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack
4Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
No Landing platform


JP Mitsubishi Kobe - 1
JP Mitsubishi Nagasaki - 1

  List of Ships

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19601993JPJMSDFDD 161JDS Akizuki
19601993JPJMSDFDD 162JDS Teruzuki
19661995JPJMSDFDDK 113Yamagumo class JDS Yamagumo
19661995JPJMSDFDDK 114Yamagumo class JDS Makigumo
19671998JPJMSDFDDK 115Yamagumo class JDS Asagumo
19681999JPJMSDFDD 116Minegumo class JDS Minegumo
19691999JPJMSDFDD 117Minegumo class JDS Natsugumo
19702000JPJMSDFDD 118Minegumo class JDS Murakumo
19722003JPJMSDFDDK 119Yamagumo class JDS Aokumo
19742005JPJMSDFDDK 120Yamagumo class JDS Akigumo
19782005JPJMSDFDDK 121Yamagumo class JDS Yuugumo

11 units


1958-jul-31Laid downLaid down JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki
1958-aug-15Laid downLaid down JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki
1959-jun-24LaunchedLaunched JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki
1959-jun-26LaunchedLaunched JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki
1960-feb-13CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki
1960-feb-29CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki
1985Fate: transferedFate: transfered JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki as ASU 7010
1986Fate: transferedFate: transfered JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki as ASU 7012
1987-jul-01Fate: transferedFate: transfered JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki as TV 3504
1993-sep-27DecommissionedDecommissioned JP DD 162 JDS Teruzuki
1993-dec-07DecommissionedDecommissioned JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki

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