Frigate Knox class

An important antisubmarine escort force for two decades, Knoxs were originally laid down as destroyer escorts (DE) but were all reclassified as frigates (FF) in 1975. Later upgrades include the replacement of the Sea Sparrow box launcher by a CIWS Phalanx ( see picture )

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
ES FFG Baleares class 1973
TH Phutthayotfa Chulalok class 1994
TW Chi Yang class 1999


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4260full load (tn)
134length (m)
14.25beam (m)
7.54draught (m)
28max speed (knots)
35000power (shp)
2Naval Engine boilers
1Naval Engine steam turbines
1Missile Launcher Mk 25 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1Naval Gun Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)
1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
4Torpedo Launchers single tube 324 mm
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-40
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-67
1Sonar hull mounted sonar AN/SQS-26
1Sonar towed array sonar AN/SQR-18


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Kaman Seasprite 11
TR Turkish Navy Agusta AB212 11
EG Egyptian Navy Kaman Seasprite 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Avondale Shipyard - 27
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island5
US Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro - 7
US Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle - 7

List of Ships

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USUS NavyFF-1052USS KnoxNAAS19691992
USUS NavyFF-1053USS RoarkNOUR19691991
USUS NavyFF-1055USS HepburnNAAP19691991
USUS NavyFF-1056USS Connole19691992
GR Hellenic Navy F456 HS Ipiros 19922002
USUS NavyFF-1058USS MeyerkordNLJY19691991
USUS NavyFF-1054USS GrayNVXR19701991
USUS NavyFF-1057USS RathburneNVUV19701992
USUS NavyFF-1059USS W. S. SimsNWSS19701991
TR Turkish Navy parts hulk USS W. S. Sims 19991999
USUS NavyFF-1060USS Lang19701991
USUS NavyFF-1061USS PattersonNTMV19701991
USUS NavyFF-1062USS Whipple19701992
MX Mexican Navy F214 ARM Mina 2002--
USUS NavyFF-1064USS LockwoodNIMH19701993
USUS NavyFF-1067USS Francis HammondNFHU19701992
USUS NavyFF-1068USS VreelandNMAP19701992
GR Hellenic Navy F458 HS Makedonia 19921998
USUS NavyFF-1071USS BadgerNHDT19701991
USUS NavyFF-1072USS Blakely19701991
USUS NavyFF-1075USS Trippe19701992
GR Hellenic Navy F457 HS Thraki 19922001
USUS NavyFF-1077USS OuelletNDNR19701993
Phutthayotfa Chulalok class TH Royal Thai Navy FFG 462 HTMS Phutthaloetla Naphalai 1996--
USUS NavyFF-1063USS ReasonerNPXQ19711993
TR Turkish Navy F252 TCG Kocatepe 2002--
USUS NavyFF-1066USS Marvin ShieldsNKSG19711992
MX Mexican Navy F212 ARM Abasolo 1997--
USUS NavyFF-1070USS DownesNMFA19711992
USUS NavyFF-1074USS Harold E. Holt19711992
USUS NavyFF-1076USS FanningNKBP19711993
TR Turkish Navy F251 TCG Adatepe 19932001
USUS NavyFF-1078USS Joseph HewesNELP19711994
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-935 ROCS Lan Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1079USS BowenNATM19711994
TR Turkish Navy F257 TCG Akdeniz 1995--
USUS NavyFF-1080USS PaulNOHZ19711992
TR Turkish Navy parts hulk USS Paul 20002000
USUS NavyFF-1081USS AylwinNJHC19711992
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-938 ROCS Ni Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1082USS Elmer MontgomeryNQJH19711993
TR Turkish Navy parts hulk USS Elmer Montgomery 19931993
USUS NavyFF-1083USS CookNACI19711992
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-936 ROCS Hae Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1088USS BarbeyNTBS19711992
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-937 ROCS Hwai Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1065USS SteinNDKB19721992
MX Mexican Navy F211 ARM Allende 1997--
USUS NavyFF-1069USS BagleyNULQ19721991
USUS NavyFF-1073USS Robert E. PearyNREP19721992
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-932 ROCS Chi Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1084USS McCandlessNIQC19721994
TR Turkish Navy F254 TCG Trakya 2002--
USUS NavyFF-1085USS Donald B. BearyNQUB19721994
TR Turkish Navy F255 TCG Karadeniz 2002--
USUS NavyFF-1086USS Brewton19721992
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-933 ROCS Fong Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1087USS KirkNBMR19721993
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-934 ROCS Fen Yang 1999--
ESSpanish NavyF-71Baleares class BalearesEBFK19732005
USUS NavyFF-1089USS Jesse L. BrownNCGP19731994
EG Egyptian Navy F961 Dumyat 1994--
USUS NavyFF-1090USS AinsworthNCQI19731994
TR Turkish Navy F256 TCG Ege 19992005
USUS NavyFF-1091USS MillerNDIK19731991
TR Turkish Navy parts hulk USS Miller 19991999
USUS NavyFF-1092USS Thomas C. HartNTCH19731993
TR Turkish Navy F253 TCG Zafer 19932014
USUS NavyFF-1093USS CapodannoNFVC19731993
TR Turkish Navy F250 TCG Muavenet 2002--
ESSpanish NavyF-72Baleares class AndaluciaEBGK19742005
USUS NavyFF-1094USS Pharris19741992
MX Mexican Navy F213 ARM Victoria 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1095USS TruettNHDB19741994
Phutthayotfa Chulalok class TH Royal Thai Navy FFG 461 HTMS Phutthayotfa Chulalok 1994--
USUS NavyFF-1096USS ValdezNIDC19741991
Chi Yang class TW ROCN FF-939 ROCS Yi Yang 1999--
USUS NavyFF-1097USS MoinesterNKIA19741994
EG Egyptian Navy F966 Rasheed 1994--
ESSpanish NavyF-73Baleares class CataluñaEBJV19752004
ESSpanish NavyF-74Baleares class AsturiasEBHB19752009
ESSpanish NavyF-75Baleares class ExtremaduraEBLT19762006

51 units


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1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1056 USS Connole
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1075 USS Trippe
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1076 USS Fanning
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1065 USS Stein
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1964-jul-22OrderedUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1965-oct-5Laid downUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1966-feb-2Laid downUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1966-jun-1Laid downUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1095 USS Truett
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1097 USS Moinester
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1966-aug-25OrderedUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1966-sep-1Laid downUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1966-nov-19LaunchedUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1966-nov-19Laid downUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1967-mar-23Laid downUS FF-1056 USS Connole
1967-mar-25LaunchedUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1967-mar-25Laid downUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1967-apr-10Laid downUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1967-apr-24Laid downUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1967-apr-27LaunchedUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1967-jul-15LaunchedUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1967-jul-15Laid downUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1967-oct-12Laid downUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1967-nov-3LaunchedUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1967-nov-3Laid downUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
1968-jan-8Laid downUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1968-feb-17LaunchedUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1968-feb-17Laid downUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1968-mar-20Laid downUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland
1968-apr-12LaunchedUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1968-apr-12Laid downUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1968-may-11LaunchedUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1968-may-11Laid downUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1968-jun-3Laid downUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1968-jul-20LaunchedUS FF-1056 USS Connole
1968-jul-29Laid downUS FF-1075 USS Trippe
1968-sep-5LaunchedUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
1968-sep-5Laid downUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1968-dec-7Laid downUS FF-1076 USS Fanning
1968-dec-7LaunchedUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1969-jan-4LaunchedUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1969-jan-6Laid downUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1969-jan-15Laid downUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1969-apr-12CommissionedUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1969-may-2LaunchedUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1969-may-3LaunchedUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1969-may-3LaunchedUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1969-may-14Laid downUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes
1969-jun-14LaunchedUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland
1969-jul-3CommissionedUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1969-jul-11Laid downUS FF-1079 USS Bowen
1969-aug-23LaunchedUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1969-aug-30CommissionedUS FF-1056 USS Connole
1969-sep-12Laid downUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1969-oct-23LaunchedUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1969-nov-1LaunchedUS FF-1075 USS Trippe
1969-nov-13Laid downUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1969-nov-22CommissionedUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1969-nov-28CommissionedUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1969-dec-12LaunchedUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1970-jan-3CommissionedUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1970-jan-17LaunchedUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1970-jan-23Laid downUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery
1970-jan-24LaunchedUS FF-1076 USS Fanning
1970-mar-7LaunchedUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes
1970-mar-14CommissionedUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1970-mar-20Laid downUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1970-mar-28CommissionedUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1970-apr-4CommissionedUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1970-may-2LaunchedUS FF-1079 USS Bowen
1970-may-16CommissionedUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1970-jun-1Laid downUS FF-1065 USS Stein
1970-jun-4Laid downUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1970-jun-13CommissionedUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland
1970-jun-20LaunchedUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1970-jul-18CommissionedUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1970-jul-24Laid downUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1970-jul-24LaunchedUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1970-jul-25CommissionedUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1970-aug-1LaunchedUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1970-aug-22CommissionedUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1970-aug-29LaunchedUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1970-sep-19CommissionedUS FF-1075 USS Trippe
1970-sep-22Laid downUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1970-oct-2Laid downUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1970-nov-21LaunchedUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery
1970-dec-1CommissionedUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1970-dec-4Laid downUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1970-dec-5CommissionedUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
1970-dec-12CommissionedUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1970-dec-19LaunchedUS FF-1065 USS Stein
1970-dec-20Laid downUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1971-jan-23LaunchedUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1971-feb-5Laid downUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1971-mar-4US FF-1052 USS Knox suffer a JP-5 fire in engineering spaces while enroute from Guam to Hawaii
1971-mar-20LaunchedUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1971-mar-26CommissionedUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1971-apr-8Laid downUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown
1971-apr-10CommissionedUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1971-apr-24LaunchedUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1971-apr-24CommissionedUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes
1971-may-22CommissionedUS FF-1079 USS Bowen as DE-1079 Destroyer Escort
1971-may-22LaunchedUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1971-jun-11Laid downUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1971-jun-23LaunchedUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1971-jul-23CommissionedUS FF-1076 USS Fanning
1971-jul-31CommissionedUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1971-aug-6Laid downUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1971-aug-14CommissionedUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1971-aug-28CommissionedUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1971-sep-18CommissionedUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1971-sep-25LaunchedUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1971-oct-8Laid downUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart
1971-oct-12Laid downUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1971-oct-30CommissionedUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery
1971-nov-11CommissionedUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1971-dec-4LaunchedUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1971-dec-18CommissionedUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1972-jan-8CommissionedUS FF-1065 USS Stein
1972-feb-11Laid downUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1972-mar-18CommissionedUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1972-mar-18LaunchedUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown
1972-apr-15LaunchedUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1972-apr-27Laid downUS FF-1095 USS Truett
1972-may-6CommissionedUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1972-jun-3LaunchedUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1972-jun-30Laid downUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1972-jul-8CommissionedUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1972-jul-22CommissionedUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1972-aug-12LaunchedUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart
1972-aug-25Laid downUS FF-1097 USS Moinester
1972-sep-9CommissionedUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1972-sep-23CommissionedUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1972-oct-21LaunchedUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1972-dec-16LaunchedUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1973-feb-3LaunchedUS FF-1095 USS Truett
1973-feb-17CommissionedUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown
1973-mar-24LaunchedUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1973-mar-31CommissionedUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1973-may-12LaunchedUS FF-1097 USS Moinester
1973-jun-30CommissionedUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1973-jul-28CommissionedUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart as DE-1092
1973-nov-17CommissionedUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1974-jan-26CommissionedUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1974-jun-1CommissionedUS FF-1095 USS Truett
1974-jul-27CommissionedUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1974-oct-4US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Towed by USS William H Standley (CG-32) in the Med due to serious boiler trouble
1974-nov-2CommissionedUS FF-1097 USS Moinester
1975-aprUS FF-1087 USS Kirk fall of Saigon, Vietnam, Air America UH-1B N1305X
1975-mayDeploymentUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt Mayaguez incident
1975-junUS FF-1053 USS Roark reclassified FF-1053 previous DE-1053
1975-junUS FF-1070 USS Downes reclassified FF-1070 previous DE-1070
1975-jun-19AircraftUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin SH-2F 149745 accident
1975-jun-30US FF-1052 USS Knox Reclassified as FF
1975-jun-30US FF-1054 USS Gray Reclassified as FF
1975-jun-30US FF-1079 USS Bowen reclassified to FF-1079 Frigate
1975-jun-30US FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart reclassified as FF-1092
1978-augPort VisitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland First American warship to visit Mogadishu since military came to power in October, 1969
1979-jun-4AircraftUS FF-1065 USS Stein WESTPAC with Seasprite 149761
1980-sep-25US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Ordered by US official to make room for Soviet cruise ship Maxim Gorky at Manhattan dock
1980-decAircraftUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart Pictured with Seasprite 150146 about to land
1981-oct-13US FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary LAMPS 32 accident landing. 2 crew members rescued 1 sonar tech 1st class Leroy Cambel lost at sea . went down with aircraft
1982-mar-25AircraftUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary Off Martha s Vineyard south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. SH-3F 149032 accident
1982-junDeploymentUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin Mediterranean Sea with SH-2F 149744
1982-julUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland UNREP with USS Mount Baker (AE-34) in Mediterranean
1982-sep-14US FF-1068 USS Vreeland In the Red Sea searching for missing pilot that crashed F-4 Phantom jet while attempting to land on the USS Forrestal
1982-oct-5Port VisitUS FF-1084 USS McCandless visited Devonport 5-9 Oct 1982, with SH-2F 151321/135-HV of HSL-32 embarked.
1983-jul-15HomeportUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin Charleston, SC
1984-dec-24US FF-1068 USS Vreeland assigned to escort a Soviet flotilla headed to Cuba
1984-dec-29US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Relieved by USS John L Hall (FFG-32) along Florida coast
1985-marAircraftUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn SH-2F 150150
1985-mayUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Deployed to Honduras
1985-augUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Ocean Safari 85, Aug 28-Sept 20, Atlantic Ocean
1985-augDeploymentUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Refueled in the North Atlantic by RFA Grey Rover
1985-sepPort VisitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Port visit Bordeaux, France
1985-decRefitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Drydock
1986US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Mediterranean Deployment
1986-aprDeploymentUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Operation El Dorado Canyon - Libya, April 12-17
1986-augPort VisitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Port visit Naples, Italy
1987US FF-1053 USS Roark to naval reserve
1987AircraftUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet West-Pac with SH-2F 161908
1987-augUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland GITMO Cuba
1987-octUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland CV escort services
1988US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Dragon Hammer 88, HSL-36 helicopter crashed and sank attempting to land in heavy fog
1988-febUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Mediterranean Deployment
1988-marPort VisitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Port visit Ibiza, Spain
1988-may-1US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Dragon Hammer 88, May 1-14
1988-may-8AircraftUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland accident SH-2F 161903
1988-junPort VisitUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland Port visit Malaga, Spain
1988-sep-26Port VisitUS FF-1086 USS Brewton Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1988-nov-11AircraftUS FF-1088 USS Barbey accident SH-2F 161651 in Gulf of Oman
1989AircraftUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt West-Pac with SH-2F 161643
1990DeploymentUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner Westpac 90, SH-2F HSL-35 Det.10 152204
1990DeploymentUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm with SH-2F 161652 from HSL-36 Det.9
1990-jun-22Port VisitUS FF-1094 USS Pharris 22+23 June participated with Fleet Days Den Helder Netherlands. On board SH-2F 151316
1990-aug-2US FF-1063 USS Reasoner Operation Desert Shield/Storm desert sheild
1991-jun-29DecommissionedUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1991-julPort VisitUS FF-1056 USS Connole 03jul-07jul Oostelijke Handelskade embarked Seasprite 152191
1991-sep-6DecommissionedUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1991-sep-26DecommissionedUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1991-sep-30DecommissionedUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1991-oct-15DecommissionedUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1991-nov-15DecommissionedUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1991-decUS FF-1079 USS Bowen reclassified to FFT-1079 Training Frigate
1991-dec-12DecommissionedUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1991-dec-14DecommissionedUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1991-dec-14DecommissionedUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1991-dec-16DecommissionedUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1991-dec-20DecommissionedUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1991-dec-20DecommissionedUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1992Fate: transferedUS FF-1075 USS Trippe to Greece as Thraki
1992-janUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown reclassified as FFT-1089
1992-feb-14DecommissionedUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1992-feb-14DecommissionedUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1992-feb-14DecommissionedUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1992-feb-14DecommissionedUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1992-mar-19DecommissionedUS FF-1065 USS Stein
1992-mar-20DecommissionedUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1992-apr-15DecommissionedUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1992-apr-30DecommissionedUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1992-may-15DecommissionedUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1992-jun-30DecommissionedUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland
1992-jul-2DecommissionedUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1992-jul-2DecommissionedUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1992-jul-2DecommissionedUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1992-jul-2DecommissionedUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1992-jul-25Fate: transferedUS FF-1068 USS Vreeland leased to Greece as Macedonia
1992-jul-25GR F458 HS Makedonia caught fire on her maiden voyage in middle atlantic
1992-jul-30DecommissionedUS FF-1075 USS Trippe
1992-aug-7DecommissionedUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1992-aug-14DecommissionedUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1992-aug-25GR F458 HS Makedonia towed to Greece
1992-aug-30DecommissionedUS FF-1056 USS Connole
1992-aug-30Fate: transferedUS FF-1056 USS Connole to Greece as Ipiros
1993-jun-30DecommissionedUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery
1993-jul-30DecommissionedUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1993-jul-31DecommissionedUS FF-1076 USS Fanning
1993-jul-31Fate: transferedUS FF-1076 USS Fanning to Turkey as Adatepe
1993-jul-31CommissionedTR F251 TCG Adatepe
1993-aug-6DecommissionedUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1993-aug-6DecommissionedUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1993-aug-28DecommissionedUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1993-aug-30DecommissionedUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart
1993-aug-30Fate: transferedUS FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart to Turkey as F253 TCG Zafer
1993-aug-30CommissionedTR F253 TCG Zafer
1993-sep-27DecommissionedUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
1993-dec-13Fate: transferedUS FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery to Turkey as spare parts
1993-dec-13CommissionedTR parts hulk USS Elmer Montgomery
1993-dec-13DecommissionedTR parts hulk USS Elmer Montgomery
1994DecommissionedUS FF-1079 USS Bowen
1994Fate: transferedUS FF-1079 USS Bowen to Turkey F257 TCG Akdeniz
1994-may-6DecommissionedUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1994-may-20DecommissionedUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1994-may-27DecommissionedUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1994-jun-28DecommissionedUS FF-1097 USS Moinester
1994-jun-28Fate: transferedUS FF-1097 USS Moinester leased to Egypt as Rasheed
1994-jun-28CommissionedEG F966 Rasheed
1994-jun-30DecommissionedUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes
1994-jul-27DecommissionedUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown
1994-jul-27Fate: transferedUS FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown leased to Egypt as Dumyat
1994-jul-27CommissionedEG F961 Dumyat
1994-jul-30DecommissionedUS FF-1095 USS Truett
1994-jul-30Fate: transferedUS FF-1095 USS Truett leased to Thailand as Phutthayotfa Chulalok
1995CommissionedTR F257 TCG Akdeniz
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1052 USS Knox
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1053 USS Roark
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1054 USS Gray
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1060 USS Lang
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1062 USS Whipple
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1070 USS Downes
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1071 USS Badger
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1080 USS Paul
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1083 USS Cook
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1084 USS McCandless
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1086 USS Brewton
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1087 USS Kirk
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1088 USS Barbey
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1091 USS Miller
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1094 USS Pharris
1995-jan-11StruckUS FF-1096 USS Valdez
1996-nov-27Fate: transferedUS FF-1077 USS Ouellet to Thailand as Phutthaloetla Naphalai
1997-jan-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1065 USS Stein to Mexico as Allende
1997-jan-29CommissionedMX F211 ARM Allende
1997-jan-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields to Mexico as Abasolo
1997-jan-29CommissionedMX F212 ARM Abasolo
1998-mar-25EG F961 Dumyat purchased
1998-mar-25EG F966 Rasheed Purchased
1998-apr-4Port VisitTR F257 TCG Akdeniz Apr98 STANAVFORMED embarked AB212 TCB-47
1998-apr-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1081 USS Aylwin to Taiwan as Ni Yang
1998-apr-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1096 USS Valdez to Taiwan as Yi Yang
1998-jul-22Fate: sunkUS FF-1071 USS Badger as a target at 22 51.1 N, 160 33 W
1998-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1083 USS Cook to Taiwan as Hae Yang
1999CommissionedTR parts hulk USS W. S. Sims
1999DecommissionedTR parts hulk USS W. S. Sims
1999-janDecommissionedGR F458 HS Makedonia
1999-may-15Fate: transferedUS FF-1090 USS Ainsworth to Turkey as Ege
1999-may-15CommissionedTR F256 TCG Ege
1999-jun-15Fate: transferedUS FF-1094 USS Pharris to Mexico as Guadalupe Victoria
1999-jun-15CommissionedMX F213 ARM Victoria
1999-jul-19Fate: transferedUS FF-1091 USS Miller to Turkey as spare parts
1999-jul-19CommissionedTR parts hulk USS Miller
1999-jul-19DecommissionedTR parts hulk USS Miller
1999-sepFate: scrappedUS FF-1061 USS Patterson
1999-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary to Taiwan as Chi Yang
1999-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes to Taiwan as Lan Yang
1999-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1086 USS Brewton to Taiwan as Fong Yang
1999-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1087 USS Kirk to Taiwan as Fen Yang
1999-sep-29Fate: transferedUS FF-1088 USS Barbey to Taiwan as Hwai Yang
1999-dec-21Fate: transferedUS FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims to Turkey as spare parts
2000-jan-9Fate: transferedUS FF-1080 USS Paul to Turkey as spare parts
2000-jan-9CommissionedTR parts hulk USS Paul
2000-jan-9DecommissionedTR parts hulk USS Paul
2000-aug-4Fate: scrappedUS FF-1064 USS Lockwood
2000-sep-19Fate: scrappedUS FF-1069 USS Bagley
2000-sep-30Fate: scrappedUS FF-1072 USS Blakely
2001DecommissionedTR F251 TCG Adatepe
2001-junFate: sunkTR parts hulk USS Miller as a target
2001-jul-21Fate: scrappedUS FF-1054 USS Gray
2001-dec-15Fate: scrappedUS FF-1058 USS Meyerkord
2001-dec-15Fate: scrappedUS FF-1060 USS Lang
2002-feb-2Fate: transferedUS FF-1084 USS McCandless to Turkey as Trakya
2002-feb-2CommissionedTR F254 TCG Trakya
2002-feb-2Fate: transferedUS FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary to Turkey as Karadeniz
2002-feb-2CommissionedTR F255 TCG Karadeniz
2002-feb-22Fate: transferedUS FF-1063 USS Reasoner to Turkey as Kocatepe
2002-feb-22CommissionedTR F252 TCG Kocatepe
2002-feb-22Fate: transferedUS FF-1093 USS Capodanno to Turkey as Muavenet
2002-feb-22CommissionedTR F250 TCG Muavenet
2002-apr-10Fate: transferedUS FF-1062 USS Whipple to Mexico as Mina
2002-apr-10CommissionedMX F214 ARM Mina
2002-jun-4Fate: sunkUS FF-1055 USS Hepburn
2002-jul-5Fate: sunkUS FF-1057 USS Rathburne
2002-jul-10Fate: sunkUS FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt as a target
2003-mar-31Fate: scrappedUS FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond
2003-aug-15Fate: sunkUS FF-1070 USS Downes as a target
2004Fate: scrappedUS FF-1053 USS Roark
2005DecommissionedTR F256 TCG Ege
2007-aug-7Fate: sunkUS FF-1052 USS Knox as a target off Guam
2009Fate: museumTR F256 TCG Ege Izmir, Turkey
2011TR F253 TCG Zafer took part NATO Unified Protector against Lybia
2016-jun-10Fate: sunkTR F253 TCG Zafer Decommissioned from the Turkish Navy and sunk as a target

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