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  • JP Atsumi class


    Landing Ship/Platform Dock


    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Atsumi class

    LST Landing Ship Tanks capable of carrying 20 vehicles

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    JP Miura class 1975


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    1500light (tn)
    2400full load (tn)
    89length (m)
    13beam (m)
    2.60draught (m)
    14max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Gun twin 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    JP Sasebo Shipyard - 3

    List of Ships

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    JPJMSDFLST 4101JDS Atsumi19721998
    JPJMSDFLST 4102JDS Motobu19731999
    JPJMSDFLST 4151Miura class JDS Miura19752000
    JPJMSDFLST 4152Miura class JDS Ojika19762001
    JPJMSDFLST 4103JDS Nemuro19772005
    JPJMSDFLST 4153Miura class JDS Satsuma19772002

    6 units


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    1971-dec-7Laid downJP LST 4101 JDS Atsumi
    1972-jun-13LaunchedJP LST 4101 JDS Atsumi
    1972-nov-27CommissionedJP LST 4101 JDS Atsumi
    1973-apr-23Laid downJP LST 4102 JDS Motobu
    1973-aug-3LaunchedJP LST 4102 JDS Motobu
    1973-dec-21CommissionedJP LST 4102 JDS Motobu
    1976-nov-18Laid downJP LST 4103 JDS Nemuro
    1977-jun-16LaunchedJP LST 4103 JDS Nemuro
    1977-oct-27CommissionedJP LST 4103 JDS Nemuro
    1998-feb-13DecommissionedJP LST 4101 JDS Atsumi
    1999-apr-12DecommissionedJP LST 4102 JDS Motobu
    2005-may-20DecommissionedJP LST 4103 JDS Nemuro

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