Landing Ship/Platform Dock Whidbey Island class

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US Harpers Ferry class 1995

Specifications Login to Edit

186length (m)
25.60beam (m)

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon 03
US USMC B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 03

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Shipyards Login to Edit

US Avondale Shipyard - 5
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island3

Ships on Database - all derivatives Login to Edit

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USUS NavyLSD-41USS Whidbey IslandNNWI1985--
USUS NavyLSD-42USS GermantownNGTN1986--
USUS NavyLSD-43USS Fort McHenryNHTD1987--
USUS NavyLSD-44USS Gunston HallNGUN1989--
USUS NavyLSD-45USS ComstockNCWK1990--
USUS NavyLSD-46USS TortugaNTSA1990--
USUS NavyLSD-47USS RushmoreNDXW1991--
USUS NavyLSD-48USS AshlandNAOW1992--
USUS NavyLSD-49Harpers Ferry class USS Harpers Ferry1995--
USUS NavyLSD-50Harpers Ferry class USS Carter Hall1995--
USUS NavyLSD-51Harpers Ferry class USS Oak Hill1996--
USUS NavyLSD-52Harpers Ferry class USS Pearl Harbor1998--

12 units

Events Login to Edit

1981-aug-4Laid downUS LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island
1982-aug-5Laid downUS LSD-42 USS Germantown
1983-jun-10LaunchedUS LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island
1983-jun-10Laid downUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
1984-jun-29LaunchedUS LSD-42 USS Germantown
1985-feb-9CommissionedUS LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island
1985-feb-10HomeportUS LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island
1986-feb-1LaunchedUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
1986-feb-8CommissionedUS LSD-42 USS Germantown
1986-feb-9HomeportUS LSD-42 USS Germantown
1986-may-26Laid downUS LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall
1986-oct-27Laid downUS LSD-45 USS Comstock
1987-mar-21Laid downUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga
1987-jun-27LaunchedUS LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall
1987-aug-8CommissionedUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
1987-aug-9HomeportUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
1987-nov-9Laid downUS LSD-47 USS Rushmore
1988-jan-16LaunchedUS LSD-45 USS Comstock
1988-apr-4Laid downUS LSD-48 USS Ashland
1988-sep-15LaunchedUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga
1989-apr-22CommissionedUS LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall
1989-apr-23HomeportUS LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall
1989-may-6LaunchedUS LSD-47 USS Rushmore
1989-nov-11LaunchedUS LSD-48 USS Ashland
1990-feb-3CommissionedUS LSD-45 USS Comstock
1990-feb-4HomeportUS LSD-45 USS Comstock
1990-sep-7CommissionedUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga
1990-sep-8HomeportUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga
1991-jun-1CommissionedUS LSD-47 USS Rushmore
1991-jun-2HomeportUS LSD-47 USS Rushmore
1992-may-9CommissionedUS LSD-48 USS Ashland
1992-may-10HomeportUS LSD-48 USS Ashland
1995-sepHomeportUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
2005-jun-3US LSD-46 USS Tortuga BALTOPS 05 participated with BALTOPS 05
2005-jun-17Port VisitUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga 17-20 june visit Kiel, Germany
2006-aprHomeportUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga
2006-aprHomeportUS LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry
2006-nov-6TrialsUS LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall Hosted modified Canadian CH-124B to explore effectiveness of their modification programme to provide an amphibious assault capability during a simulated attack on Camp Lejeune.
2010-jun-7US LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall BALTOPS 10
2012-oct-22Port VisitUS LSD-46 USS Tortuga 22-26 Oct visit Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
2013-jul-15US LSD-42 USS Germantown Talisman Saber 2013 Jul13 - Aug13 at the coast of Shoalwater Bay Training Aerea
2016-mar-3US LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry Cold Response 2016 To Norway for NATO exercise Cold Response 16. Only US Navy ship participating

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