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  • 1965    

    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Austin class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US San Antonio class 2006


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    9750light (tn)
    17350full load (tn)
    174length (m)
    25.60beam (m)
    7draught (m)
    21max speed (knots)
    24000power (shp)


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    US USMC B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 06
    US USMC Sikorsky S-65 H-53 04
    IN Indian Navy Sikorsky S-61 H-3 06

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US New York Naval Shipyard - 1
    US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island6

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyLPD-4USS AustinNEDO - 419652006
    USUS NavyLPD-9USS Denver19682014
    USUS NavyLPD-11USS CoronadoNEXU19702006
    USUS NavyLPD-12USS Shreveport19702007
    USUS NavyLPD-13USS Nashville19702009
    USUS NavyLPD-14USS TrentonNEDG19712007
    IN Indian Navy L41 INS Jalashwa 2007--
    USUS NavyLPD-15USS Ponce19712012
    AFSB(I)-15 USS Ponce 2012--
    USUS NavyLPD-17San Antonio class USS San AntonioNSAT - 172006--
    USUS NavyLPD-18San Antonio class USS New OrleansNOLA2007--
    USUS NavyLPD-19San Antonio class USS Mesa VerdeNMVD - 192007--
    USUS NavyLPD-20San Antonio class USS Green BayNGRB2009--
    USUS NavyLPD-21San Antonio class USS New YorkNNYK2009--
    USUS NavyLPD-22San Antonio class USS San DiegoNSAN2010--
    USUS NavyLPD-23San Antonio class USS AnchorageNANC - 232013--
    USUS NavyLPD-24San Antonio class USS ArlingtonNARL - 242013--
    USUS NavyLPD-25San Antonio class USS SomersetNSOM - 252014--
    USUS NavyLPD-26San Antonio class USS John P MurthaNJPM - 262016--
    USUS NavyLPD-27San Antonio class USS PortlandNPLD - 272017--

    18 units


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    1963-feb-4Laid downUS LPD-4 USS Austin
    1964-may-15OrderedUS LPD-12 USS Shreveport
    1964-jun-26LaunchedUS LPD-4 USS Austin
    1964-jul-7Laid downUS LPD-9 USS Denver
    1965-jan-23LaunchedUS LPD-9 USS Denver
    1965-feb-6CommissionedUS LPD-4 USS Austin
    1965-mayLaid downUS LPD-11 USS Coronado
    1965-may-17OrderedUS LPD-15 USS Ponce
    1965-may-17OrderedUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    1965-dec-27Laid downUS LPD-12 USS Shreveport
    1966-mar-14Laid downUS LPD-13 USS Nashville
    1966-jul-30LaunchedUS LPD-11 USS Coronado
    1966-aug-8Laid downUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    1966-oct-22LaunchedUS LPD-12 USS Shreveport
    1966-oct-31Laid downUS LPD-15 USS Ponce
    1967-oct-7LaunchedUS LPD-13 USS Nashville
    1968-aug-3LaunchedUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    1968-oct-26CommissionedUS LPD-9 USS Denver
    1970-feb-14CommissionedUS LPD-13 USS Nashville
    1970-may-20LaunchedUS LPD-15 USS Ponce
    1970-jul-23CommissionedUS LPD-11 USS Coronado
    1970-dec-10CommissionedUS LPD-12 USS Shreveport
    1971-mar-6CommissionedUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    1971-jul-10CommissionedUS LPD-15 USS Ponce
    1976AircraftUS LPD-4 USS Austin Royal Navy Wessex XT461
    1979US LPD-4 USS Austin Operation to evacuate in Iran U.S. Embassy
    1980US LPD-11 USS Coronado Redesignated AGF-11
    1984-marDeploymentUS LPD-4 USS Austin North Atlantic deployment including a RAS with RFA Grey Rover
    1991-jan-5DeploymentUS LPD-14 USS Trenton Operation Eastern Exit while deployed on Operation Desert Shield in the Arabian Sea, was ordered to Mogadishu to assist in evacuation of Diplomatic staff. Launched 2 CH-53E of HMH-461, after cross-decking to USS Guam, with a 60 man evacuation protection team, while over 400nm out.
    1991-augHomeportUS LPD-11 USS Coronado moved to San Diego, CA
    2006-sep-27DecommissionedUS LPD-4 USS Austin
    2006-sep-30DecommissionedUS LPD-11 USS Coronado
    2007-jan-17DecommissionedUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    2007-jan-17StruckUS LPD-14 USS Trenton
    2007-jan-17Fate: transferedUS LPD-14 USS Trenton to Indian Navy
    2007-jun-22CommissionedIN L41 INS Jalashwa
    2007-sep-26DecommissionedUS LPD-12 USS Shreveport
    2009-may-22Fate: scrappedUS LPD-4 USS Austin to Brownsville, Texas
    2009-sep-30DecommissionedUS LPD-13 USS Nashville
    2012DecommissionedUS LPD-15 USS Ponce reclassified as AFSB(I)-15
    2012-mayCommissionedUS AFSB(I)-15 USS Ponce Afloat Forward Staging Base
    2012-sep-12Fate: sunkUS LPD-11 USS Coronado off Marianas
    2013-dec-15US AFSB(I)-15 USS Ponce Apaches Texas National Guard training on board
    2014HomeportUS LPD-9 USS Denver Sasebo, Japan
    2014-aug-14DecommissionedUS LPD-9 USS Denver

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