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  • PT Joao Coutinho class



    Corvette Joao Coutinho class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    PT Baptista de Andrade class 1974
    ES Descubierta class 1978
    AR MEKO 140A16 class 1985


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    1400full load (tn)
    81length (m)
    10.30beam (m)
    3.30draught (m)
    5000range (nm)
    24max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
    1Naval Gun Mark 33 3/50 inch (twin 76 mm)
    2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
    1Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW
    2Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol3
    DE Blohm + Voss - 3

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    PTPortuguese NavyF475NRP Joao CoutinhoCTFA1970--
    PTPortuguese NavyF476NRP Jacinto CandidoCTFB1970--
    PTPortuguese NavyF477NRP General Pereira D EcaCTFC19702010
    PTPortuguese NavyF484NRP Augusto de CastilhoCTFD19702003
    PTPortuguese NavyF471NRP Antonio EnesCTFV1971--
    PTPortuguese NavyF485NRP Honorio BarretoCTFF19712003
    PTPortuguese NavyF486Baptista de Andrade class NRP Baptista de AndradeCTFE19742007
    PTPortuguese NavyF487Baptista de Andrade class NRP Joao RobyCTFG1975--
    PTPortuguese NavyF488Baptista de Andrade class NRP Afonso CerqueiraCTFH1975--
    PTPortuguese NavyF489Baptista de Andrade class NRP Oliveira e CarmoCTFI19761999
    ESSpanish NavyF-31Descubierta class DescubiertaEBIS19782009
    ESSpanish NavyF-32Descubierta class DianaEBJT19792000
    M-11 Diana 2000--
    ESSpanish NavyF-33Descubierta class Infanta ElenaEBIE1980--
    ESSpanish NavyF-34Descubierta class Infanta CristinaEBIO1980--
    ESSpanish NavyF-35Descubierta class CazadoraEBIA1982--
    ESSpanish NavyF-36Descubierta class VencedoraEBEN1982--
    MARoyal Moroccan Navy501Descubierta class Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani1982--
    EGEgyptian NavyF941Descubierta class El SuezSUPC1984--
    EGEgyptian NavyF946Descubierta class El AboukirSUAP1984--
    ARArgentine NavyP-41MEKO 140A16 class ARA EsporaLOML1985--
    ARArgentine NavyP-42MEKO 140A16 class ARA Rosales1987--
    ARArgentine NavyP-43MEKO 140A16 class ARA SpiroLOSP1988--
    ARArgentine NavyP-44MEKO 140A16 class ARA ParkerLOAP1990--
    ARArgentine NavyP-45MEKO 140A16 class ARA RobinsonLORB2001--
    ARArgentine NavyP-46MEKO 140A16 class ARA Gomez RocaLOAR2005--

    25 units


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    1968-aprLaid downPT F476 NRP Jacinto Candido
    1968-aprLaid downPT F471 NRP Antonio Enes
    1968-julLaid downPT F485 NRP Honorio Barreto
    1968-augLaid downPT F484 NRP Augusto de Castilho
    1968-sepLaid downPT F475 NRP Joao Coutinho
    1968-octLaid downPT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca
    1969-may-2LaunchedPT F475 NRP Joao Coutinho
    1969-jun-16LaunchedPT F476 NRP Jacinto Candido
    1969-jul-5LaunchedPT F484 NRP Augusto de Castilho
    1969-jul-26LaunchedPT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca
    1969-aug-16LaunchedPT F471 NRP Antonio Enes
    1970-mar-7CommissionedPT F475 NRP Joao Coutinho
    1970-apr-11LaunchedPT F485 NRP Honorio Barreto
    1970-jun-10CommissionedPT F476 NRP Jacinto Candido
    1970-oct-10CommissionedPT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca
    1970-nov-14CommissionedPT F484 NRP Augusto de Castilho
    1971-apr-15CommissionedPT F485 NRP Honorio Barreto
    1971-jun-18CommissionedPT F471 NRP Antonio Enes
    1980-janDeploymentPT F476 NRP Jacinto Candido Deployed in support of relief operation in the wake of the 1 Jan 1980 Azores earthquake.
    2003DecommissionedPT F484 NRP Augusto de Castilho
    2003DecommissionedPT F485 NRP Honorio Barreto
    2009-may-19PT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca noted at Lisbon Naval base
    2010DecommissionedPT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca
    2016-jun-16PT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca noted laid up at the Rocha terminal in Lisbon, awaiting towing to be sunk as an artificial reef.

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