FR Commandant Riviere class



Frigate Commandant Riviere class

Aviso-Escorteur light frigates mainly used for overseas patrol duties capable of carrying a 80 marines detachment with two landing boats. One of the 100mm gun was later replaced by 4 MM38 Exocet launchers

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
PT Joao Belo class 1967
FR Floreal class 1992
                        FR La Fayette class 1996
                                                SA FFG Al Riyadh class 1996
                                                TW Kang Ding class 1996
                                                SG FFG Formidable class 2007


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1750light (tn)
2230full load (tn)
98length (m)
11.50beam (m)
4.30draught (m)
7500range (nm)
25max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
3Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
2Naval Gun single 30 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm
6Torpedo Launchers single tube 550 mm


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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FR DCNS - Lorient - 9

List of Ships

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FRFrench NavyF725Victor Schoelcher19621988
UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 02 General Artigas 19881989
FRFrench NavyF727Admiral Charner19621991
UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 03 Montevideo 1991--
FRFrench NavyF733Commandant Riviere19621995
FRFrench NavyF728Doudart de Lagree19631991
FRFrench NavyF740Commandant Bourdais19631990
UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 01 Uruguay 19902000
FRFrench NavyF726Commandant Bory19641995
FRFrench NavyF748Protet19641992
FRFrench NavyF749Enseigne de Vaisseau Henry19651994
PTPortuguese NavyF480Joao Belo class NRP Comandante Joao BeloCTFR19672008
UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 01 Uruguay 2008--
PTPortuguese NavyF481Joao Belo class NRP Comandante Hermenegildo CapeloCTFS19682004
PTPortuguese NavyF482Joao Belo class NRP Comandante Roberto IvensCTFT19681998
PTPortuguese NavyF483Joao Belo class NRP Comandante Sacadura CabralCTFU19692008
UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 02 Comandante Pedro Campbell 2008--
FRFrench NavyF729Balny19701994
FRFrench NavyF730Floreal class FlorealFAFR1992--
FRFrench NavyF731Floreal class PrairialFARP1992--
FRFrench NavyF732Floreal class NivoseFANV1992--
FRFrench NavyF733Floreal class VentoseFAVE1993--
FRFrench NavyF734Floreal class VendemiaireFAVM1993--
FRFrench NavyF735Floreal class GerminalFAGE1994--
FRFrench NavyF710La Fayette class La FayetteFAYE1996--
TWROCNFFG-1202Kang Ding class ROCS Kang Ding1996--
TWROCNFFG-1203Kang Ding class ROCS Si Ning1996--
FRFrench NavyF711La Fayette class SurcoufFASF1997--
FRFrench NavyF712La Fayette class CourbetFACO1997--
TWROCNFFG-1205Kang Ding class ROCS Kun Ming1997--
TWROCNFFG-1206Kang Ding class ROCS Di Hua1997--
TWROCNFFG-1207Kang Ding class ROCS Wu Chang1997--
TWROCNFFG-1208Kang Ding class ROCS Chen Te1998--
FRFrench NavyF713La Fayette class AconitFBAT1999--
FRFrench NavyF714La Fayette class GuepratteFAGT2001--
MARoyal Moroccan Navy611Floreal class Mohammed V2002--
MARoyal Moroccan Navy612Floreal class Hassan II2003--
SGSingapore Navy68Formidable class RSS FormidableS6KI2007--
SGSingapore Navy69Formidable class RSS IntrepidS6KJ2008--
SGSingapore Navy70Formidable class RSS SteadfastS6KK2008--
SGSingapore Navy71Formidable class RSS TenaciousS6KL2008--
SGSingapore Navy72Formidable class RSS StalwartS6KM2009--
SGSingapore Navy73Formidable class RSS SupremeS6KN2009--

38 units


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1957-aprLaid downFR F733 Commandant Riviere
1957-octLaid downFR F725 Victor Schoelcher
1958-mayLaid downFR F726 Commandant Bory
1958-oct-11LaunchedFR F725 Victor Schoelcher
1958-oct-11LaunchedFR F726 Commandant Bory
1958-oct-11LaunchedFR F733 Commandant Riviere
1958-novLaid downFR F727 Admiral Charner
1959-aprLaid downFR F740 Commandant Bourdais
1960-marLaid downFR F728 Doudart de Lagree
1960-marLaid downFR F729 Balny
1960-mar-12LaunchedFR F727 Admiral Charner
1961-apr-15LaunchedFR F728 Doudart de Lagree
1961-apr-15LaunchedFR F740 Commandant Bourdais
1961-sepLaid downFR F748 Protet
1962-feb-14CommissionedFR F727 Admiral Charner
1962-mar-17LaunchedFR F729 Balny
1962-sepLaid downFR F749 Enseigne de Vaisseau Henry
1962-oct-15CommissionedFR F725 Victor Schoelcher
1962-dec-4CommissionedFR F733 Commandant Riviere
1962-dec-7LaunchedFR F748 Protet
1963-mar-10CommissionedFR F740 Commandant Bourdais
1963-may-1CommissionedFR F728 Doudart de Lagree
1963-dec-14LaunchedFR F749 Enseigne de Vaisseau Henry
1964-mar-5CommissionedFR F726 Commandant Bory
1964-may-1CommissionedFR F748 Protet
1965-may-1CommissionedFR F749 Enseigne de Vaisseau Henry
1970-feb-1CommissionedFR F729 Balny
1976DeploymentFR F733 Commandant Riviere australia
1986FR F733 Commandant Riviere converted to trials ship
1988DecommissionedFR F725 Victor Schoelcher
1988Fate: transferedFR F725 Victor Schoelcher to Uruguay as General Artigas
1988FR F727 Admiral Charner I must discard a framed photo of the Charner steaming close off Tahiti circa 1988. Being an old salt myself with my ship s photo on my wall, I know this photo of the A. Charner will be someone else s treasure. Happy to ship it free of charge anywhere. Paul Shelton, Seattle, Washington USA. pgshelton at w-link net
1988-sep-26Port VisitFR F727 Admiral Charner Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1988-sep-26Port VisitFR F726 Commandant Bory Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1990DecommissionedFR F740 Commandant Bourdais
1990Fate: transferedFR F740 Commandant Bourdais to Uruguay as ROU Uruguay
1991DecommissionedFR F727 Admiral Charner
1991Fate: transferedFR F727 Admiral Charner to Uruguay as Montevideo
1991DecommissionedFR F728 Doudart de Lagree
1991-jan-28CommissionedUY ROU 03 Montevideo
1992DecommissionedFR F748 Protet
1994DecommissionedFR F729 Balny
1994DecommissionedFR F749 Enseigne de Vaisseau Henry
1995DecommissionedFR F726 Commandant Bory
1995DecommissionedFR F733 Commandant Riviere

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