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  • ES Descubierta class

    PT Joao Coutinho class


    Corvette Descubierta class


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    1480full load (tn)
    88length (m)
    10.40beam (m)
    3.80draught (m)
    4000range (nm)
    25max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel - MTU
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
    1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
    1Naval Gun twin 40 mm
    1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol9

    List of Ships

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    ESSpanish NavyF-31DescubiertaEBIS19782009
    ESSpanish NavyF-32DianaEBJT19792000
    M-11 Diana 2000--
    ESSpanish NavyF-33Infanta ElenaEBIE1980--
    ESSpanish NavyF-34Infanta CristinaEBIO1980--
    ESSpanish NavyF-35CazadoraEBIA1982--
    ESSpanish NavyF-36VencedoraEBEN1982--
    MARoyal Moroccan Navy501Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani1982--
    EGEgyptian NavyF941El SuezSUPC1984--
    EGEgyptian NavyF946El AboukirSUAP1984--

    9 units


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    1974-sep-11Laid downES F-34 Infanta Cristina
    1974-nov-16Laid downES F-31 Descubierta
    1975-jul-8Laid downES F-32 Diana
    1975-jul-8LaunchedES F-31 Descubierta
    1976-jan-26LaunchedES F-32 Diana
    1976-jan-26Laid downES F-33 Infanta Elena
    1976-jul-8LaunchedES F-34 Infanta Cristina
    1976-sep-14LaunchedES F-33 Infanta Elena
    1976-dec-14Laid downES F-35 Cazadora
    1978-jan-1Laid downES F-36 Vencedora
    1978-oct-17LaunchedES F-35 Cazadora
    1978-nov-18CommissionedES F-31 Descubierta
    1979-apr-27LaunchedES F-36 Vencedora
    1979-jun-30CommissionedES F-32 Diana
    1980-apr-12CommissionedES F-33 Infanta Elena
    1980-nov-24CommissionedES F-34 Infanta Cristina
    1982-feb-26CommissionedMA 501 Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani
    1982-mar-27CommissionedES F-36 Vencedora
    1982-jul-20CommissionedES F-35 Cazadora
    1984-aug-21CommissionedEG F941 El Suez
    1984-oct-27CommissionedEG F946 El Aboukir
    2000DecommissionedES F-32 Diana converted to MCM support ship
    2000CommissionedES M-11 Diana
    2004-jan-13ES F-34 Infanta Cristina reclassfied as P-77
    2004-jan-13ES F-35 Cazadora reclassified as P-78
    2004-jan-13ES F-36 Vencedora reclassified as P-79
    2004-apr-13ES F-33 Infanta Elena reclassified as P-76
    2009-jun-30DecommissionedES F-31 Descubierta

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