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  • single 40 mm

    Naval Gun

    Used by

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    0GH Frigate Black Star class4
    1942US Aircraft Carrier Essex (short hull) class40
    1944US Icebreakers Wind class8
    1950UK Frigate Type 15 class2
    1953CA Frigate Prestonian class2
    1953ES Destroyer Audaz class2
    1954UK Aircraft Carrier Modified Centaur class4
    1954NL Destroyer Holland class1
    1955CA Destroyer St. Laurent class2
    1956NL Destroyer Friesland class6
    1958CA Destroyer Restigouche class2
    1960CL Destroyer Almirante class3
    1960ES Destroyer Oquendo class4
    1960ES Destroyer Oquendo class6
    1961DE Frigate F 120 Köln class2
    1962ZA Frigate President class2
    1964FR Support Ship Rhin class3
    1965BE Support Ship Godetia class3
    1965FR Landing Ship/Platform Dock Ouragan class2
    1966NO Frigate Oslo class1
    1966DK Frigate Peder Skram class4
    1967BE Support Ship Zinnia class2
    1967PT Frigate Joao Belo class2
    1967UK Support Ship Regent class2
    1974PT Corvette Baptista de Andrade class2
    1974FR Landing Ship/Platform Dock Batral class2
    1976FR Support Ship Achéron class2
    1978NO Support Ship Horten class2
    1979GR Support Ship Aris class2
    1982AR Coast Guards Mantilla class1
    1983IN Coast Guards Vikram class1
    1987IN Landing Ship/Platform Dock Magar (1987) class4
    1987TH Landing Ship/Platform Dock Normed class1
    1989IN Corvette Sukanya class1
    1990TW Support Ship Wu Yi class2
    1996CA Coast Guards Kingston class1
    2008 Corvette Patrulleros de Zona MarItima1
    2009NO Coast Guards Barentshav class1

    In Service

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    GH ghana navy
    US US Navy
    CA Canadian Armed Forces
    US US Coast Guard
    UK Royal Navy
    ES Spanish Navy
    NL Royal Netherlands Navy
    PE Peruvian Navy
    CL Chilean Navy
    DE German Navy
    TR Turkish Navy
    ZA South African Navy
    FR French Navy
    BE Belgian Navy
    DK Royal Danish Navy
    NO Royal Norwegian Navy
    PT Portuguese Navy
    UY Uruguayan Navy
    UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
    GR Hellenic Navy
    AR Argentine Coast Guard
    IN Indian Coast Guard
    IN Indian Navy
    TH Royal Thai Navy
    TW Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)
    CO Colombian Navy
    NO Norwegian Coast Guard

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