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  • US Cimarron class

    Support Ship


    Support Ship Cimarron class

    The Cimarron class of fleet oilers (AO) was introduced in the early 1980s but their design proved to be too small to satisfy the Navy needs so the ships were cut into two sections and a third about 35.7 m long was added in order to increase the fuel load. Further ten planned ships were cancelled and the more capable Henry J. Kaiser class was build instead

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Henry J. Kaiser class 1986


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    37000full load (tn)
    210length (m)
    27beam (m)
    9.80draught (m)
    20max speed (knots)
    24000power (shp)
    2Naval Engine boilers
    1Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    US US Navy B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Avondale Shipyard - 5

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyT-AO-191Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Benjamin Isherwood----
    USUS NavyT-AO-192Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Henry Eckford----
    USUS NavyAO 177USS Cimarron19811998
    USUS NavyAO 178USS Monongahela19811999
    USUS NavyAO 179USS Merrimack19811998
    USUS NavyAO 180USS Willamette19821999
    USUS NavyAO 186USS Platte19831999
    USUS NavyT-AO-187Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Henry J. KaiserNHJK1986--
    USUS NavyT-AO-188Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Joshua HumphreysNHJH1987--
    USUS NavyT-AO-189Henry J. Kaiser class USNS John LenthallNJLN1987--
    USUS NavyT-AO-190Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Andrew J. HigginsNAJH19871996
    CL Chilean Navy AO-52 Almirante Montt 2010--
    USUS NavyT-AO-193Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Walter S. DiehlNWSD1988--
    USUS NavyT-AO-195Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Leroy GrummanNNLG1989--
    USUS NavyT-AO-197Henry J. Kaiser class USNS PecosNPEC1990--
    USUS NavyT-AO-194Henry J. Kaiser class USNS John EricssonNNJE1991--
    USUS NavyT-AO-196Henry J. Kaiser class USNS KanawhaNPTD1991--
    USUS NavyT-AO-198Henry J. Kaiser class USNS Big HornNBIG1992--
    USUS NavyT-AO-200Henry J. Kaiser class USNS GuadalupeNLUP1992--
    USUS NavyT-AO-199Henry J. Kaiser class USNS TippecanoeNTIP1993--
    USUS NavyT-AO-202Henry J. Kaiser class USNS YukonNYUK1994--
    USUS NavyT-AO-201Henry J. Kaiser class USNS PatuxentNPCZ1995--
    USUS NavyT-AO-204Henry J. Kaiser class USNS RappahannockNRAP1995--
    USUS NavyT-AO-203Henry J. Kaiser class USNS LaramieNLAR1996--

    23 units


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    1976-aug-9OrderedUS AO 177 USS Cimarron
    1976-aug-9OrderedUS AO 178 USS Monongahela
    1977-jun-25OrderedUS AO 179 USS Merrimack
    1978-apr-11OrderedUS AO 180 USS Willamette
    1978-apr-11OrderedUS AO 186 USS Platte
    1978-may-18Laid downUS AO 177 USS Cimarron
    1979-apr-28LaunchedUS AO 177 USS Cimarron
    1979-jul-16Laid downUS AO 179 USS Merrimack
    1980-may-17LaunchedUS AO 179 USS Merrimack
    1980-aug-4Laid downUS AO 180 USS Willamette
    1981-jan-10CommissionedUS AO 177 USS Cimarron
    1981-feb-2Laid downUS AO 186 USS Platte
    1981-jul-18LaunchedUS AO 180 USS Willamette
    1981-sep-5CommissionedUS AO 178 USS Monongahela
    1981-nov-14CommissionedUS AO 179 USS Merrimack
    1982-jan-30LaunchedUS AO 186 USS Platte
    1982-dec-18CommissionedUS AO 180 USS Willamette
    1983-jan-27CommissionedUS AO 186 USS Platte
    1983-dec-20AircraftUS AO 179 USS Merrimack CH-46 156423 accident off Beirut
    1985-jan-15US AO 180 USS Willamette First WestPAC by the Willamette departure date was 15Jan85. Ports visited were Guam, the Philipines, Hong Kong, Sasebo Japan, Kagoshima Japan, Shimoda Japan, and Yokuska Japan.
    1995-jun-29US AO 180 USS Willamette Being moored at Pearl Harbour suffered a boiler explosion
    1998-dec-15DecommissionedUS AO 177 USS Cimarron
    1998-dec-18DecommissionedUS AO 179 USS Merrimack to National Defense Reserve Fleet
    1999-apr-30DecommissionedUS AO 180 USS Willamette to Naval Defense Reserve Fleet
    1999-may-3StruckUS AO 177 USS Cimarron to National Defense Reserve Fleet
    1999-jun-30DecommissionedUS AO 178 USS Monongahela
    1999-jun-30DecommissionedUS AO 186 USS Platte to Naval Defense Reserve Fleet

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