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  • US Henry J. Kaiser class

    US Cimarron class
    Support Ship


    Support Ship Henry J. Kaiser class

    Fleet replenishment oilers operated by the Military Sealift Command


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    9500light (tn)
    41000full load (tn)
    206length (m)
    29.69beam (m)
    11draught (m)
    20max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    US US Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 01
    US US Navy B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Avondale Shipyard - 14
    US Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company - 4

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyT-AO-191USNS Benjamin Isherwood----
    USUS NavyT-AO-192USNS Henry Eckford----
    USUS NavyT-AO-187USNS Henry J. KaiserNHJK1986--
    USUS NavyT-AO-188USNS Joshua HumphreysNHJH1987--
    USUS NavyT-AO-189USNS John LenthallNJLN1987--
    USUS NavyT-AO-190USNS Andrew J. HigginsNAJH19871996
    CL Chilean Navy AO-52 Almirante Montt 2010--
    USUS NavyT-AO-193USNS Walter S. DiehlNWSD1988--
    USUS NavyT-AO-195USNS Leroy GrummanNNLG1989--
    USUS NavyT-AO-197USNS PecosNPEC1990--
    USUS NavyT-AO-194USNS John EricssonNNJE1991--
    USUS NavyT-AO-196USNS KanawhaNPTD1991--
    USUS NavyT-AO-198USNS Big HornNBIG1992--
    USUS NavyT-AO-200USNS GuadalupeNLUP1992--
    USUS NavyT-AO-199USNS TippecanoeNTIP1993--
    USUS NavyT-AO-202USNS YukonNYUK1994--
    USUS NavyT-AO-201USNS PatuxentNPCZ1995--
    USUS NavyT-AO-204USNS RappahannockNRAP1995--
    USUS NavyT-AO-203USNS LaramieNLAR1996--

    18 units


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    1983-jan-20OrderedUS T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys
    1983-nov-22OrderedUS T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall
    1983-nov-22OrderedUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    1984-aug-22Laid downUS T-AO-187 USNS Henry J. Kaiser
    1984-dec-17Laid downUS T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys
    1985-may-6OrderedUS T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood
    1985-may-6OrderedUS T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford
    1985-jun-28OrderedUS T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl
    1985-jul-15Laid downUS T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall
    1985-oct-5LaunchedUS T-AO-187 USNS Henry J. Kaiser
    1985-nov-21Laid downUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    1986-feb-1OrderedUS T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson
    1986-feb-22LaunchedUS T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys
    1986-feb-27OrderedUS T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman
    1986-jul-12Laid downUS T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood
    1986-aug-7Laid downUS T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl
    1986-aug-9LaunchedUS T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall
    1986-dec-19CommissionedUS T-AO-187 USNS Henry J. Kaiser
    1987-jan-17LaunchedUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    1987-jan-22Laid downUS T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford
    1987-feb-1OrderedUS T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha
    1987-feb-12OrderedUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos
    1987-apr-3CommissionedUS T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys
    1987-jul-6Laid downUS T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman
    1987-jul-25CommissionedUS T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall
    1987-oct-2LaunchedUS T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl
    1987-oct-10US T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl Christened
    1987-oct-22CommissionedUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    1988-feb-17Laid downUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos
    1988-jun-20OrderedUS T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn
    1988-aug-15LaunchedUS T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood at Pennsylvania Shipbuilding
    1988-sep-13CommissionedUS T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl
    1988-oct-6OrderedUS T-AO-200 USNS Guadalupe
    1988-oct-6OrderedUS T-AO-202 USNS Yukon
    1988-oct-6OrderedUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock
    1988-dec-3LaunchedUS T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman
    1989-mar-15Laid downUS T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson
    1989-mar-24OrderedUS T-AO-199 USNS Tippecanoe
    1989-mar-24OrderedUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent
    1989-mar-24OrderedUS T-AO-203 USNS Laramie
    1989-jul-13Laid downUS T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha
    1989-jul-22LaunchedUS T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford
    1989-aug-23CommissionedUS T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman
    1989-aug-31US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford construction cancelled along with her unfinished sister ship T-AO-191
    1989-sep-23LaunchedUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos
    1989-oct-9Laid downUS T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn
    1989-oct-27US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford Towed to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
    1989-nov-19US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford Tampa Shipbuilding Florida awarded new contract to complete Henry Eckford
    1990-apr-21LaunchedUS T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson
    1990-jul-6CommissionedUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos
    1990-jul-9Laid downUS T-AO-200 USNS Guadalupe
    1990-sep-22LaunchedUS T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha
    1990-nov-19Laid downUS T-AO-199 USNS Tippecanoe
    1991-feb-2LaunchedUS T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn
    1991-mar-18CommissionedUS T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson
    1991-may-13Laid downUS T-AO-202 USNS Yukon
    1991-oct-5LaunchedUS T-AO-200 USNS Guadalupe
    1991-oct-16Laid downUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent
    1991-dec-6CommissionedUS T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha
    1991-dec-7US T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood Christened at Tampa Shipbuilding, Florida
    1992-mar-29Laid downUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock
    1992-may-16LaunchedUS T-AO-199 USNS Tippecanoe
    1992-may-21CommissionedUS T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn
    1992-sep-25CommissionedUS T-AO-200 USNS Guadalupe
    1993-feb-6LaunchedUS T-AO-202 USNS Yukon
    1993-feb-8CommissionedUS T-AO-199 USNS Tippecanoe
    1993-aug-15US T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood Construction cancelled when ship 95.3 complete
    1993-aug-15US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford contract also cancelled with 84 complete
    1994-jan-10Laid downUS T-AO-203 USNS Laramie
    1994-mar-25CommissionedUS T-AO-202 USNS Yukon
    1994-jul-23LaunchedUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent
    1995-jan-14LaunchedUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock
    1995-may-6LaunchedUS T-AO-203 USNS Laramie
    1995-jun-21CommissionedUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent
    1995-nov-7CommissionedUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock
    1996-may-6DecommissionedUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    1996-may-7CommissionedUS T-AO-203 USNS Laramie
    1996-jun-29US T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys out of service, to reserve
    1996-nov-11US T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall Out of service, to reserve
    1997-nov-10StruckUS T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford
    1997-dec-29StruckUS T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood
    1998-dec-7US T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall return to service
    1999-oct-9DeploymentUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos San Francisco Fleet Week 1999 Present for Fleet Week 1999.
    1999-dec-9AircraftUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos CH-46 154790 accident
    2002-feb-23AircraftUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos Royal Navy Sea King HC.4 ZG820 training
    2005-feb-23US T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys return to service
    2006-oct-1US T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys Inactive. To Reserve Fleet at Philadelphia, PA.
    2007-jun-4US T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent BALTOPS 07 participated with BALTOPS 07
    2008-oct-4DeploymentUS T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman Exercise Joint Warrior 08-2 participated in bi-annual multi-national exercise off Scottish coast, until 17 Oct
    2009-jan-9StruckUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins
    2009-may-19Fate: transferedUS T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins to Chile as Almirante Montt
    2010-feb-10CommissionedCL AO-52 Almirante Montt
    2011-marDeploymentUS T-AO-197 USNS Pecos Operation Tomodachi - Tohoku Earthquake Relief Contributed to Earthquake and Tsunami relief operations off Japanese east coast.
    2011-marDeploymentUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock Operation Tomodachi - Tohoku Earthquake Relief Contributed to Earthquake and Tsunami relief operations off Japanese east coast.
    2012-dec-1DeploymentUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent Combined Task Force 150 supported multi-national Operation Wenlock, part of CTF-150 in Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, until 5 Dec.
    2013-jul-15US T-AO-202 USNS Yukon Talisman Saber 2013
    2015-jul-7DeploymentUS T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock Talisman Sabre 2015 participated in Exercise Talisman Sabre 15.
    2015-novDeploymentUS T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn Exercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015 participated in exercise in support of USS George Washington.
    2019-may-14Port VisitUS T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall Visit Marseille harbour
    2022-apr-16Port VisitUS T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent arrived Devonport, departed 18 Apr.

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