DK Peder Skram class



Frigate Peder Skram class

Danish design but built with US funds, they were modernised between 1976-78 with an eight-cell SAM Sea Sparrow launcher and two quad for Harpoon antiship missiles (as pictured)


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2720full load (tn)
112.60length (m)
12beam (m)
4.30draught (m)
2500range (nm)
28max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - MTU
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Pratt & Whitney FT4A
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
2Naval Gun Mark 28 5/38 inch (twin 127mm)
4Naval Gun single 40 mm
6Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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DK Helsingor - Kronborg2

List of Ships

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DKRoyal Danish Navy F352KDM Peder SkramOUEP19661987
DKRoyal Danish Navy F353KDM Herluf TrolleOUEQ19671987

2 units


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1964-sep-25Laid downDK F352 KDM Peder Skram
1964-dec-18Laid downDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle
1965-may-20LaunchedDK F352 KDM Peder Skram
1965-sep-4LaunchedDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle
1966-jun-30CommissionedDK F352 KDM Peder Skram
1967-apr-16CommissionedDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle
1976RefitDK F352 KDM Peder Skram Sea Sparrow and Harpoon
1976RefitDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle Sea Sparrow and Harpoon
1982DK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle suffered serious engine room fire
1987DecommissionedDK F352 KDM Peder Skram
1987DecommissionedDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle
1990StruckDK F352 KDM Peder Skram
1990StruckDK F353 KDM Herluf Trolle
1999Fate: museumDK F352 KDM Peder Skram restored and exhibited at the Royal Danish Naval Museum in Holmen Dock, Copenhagen.

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