DK Niels Juel class



Corvette Niels Juel class

Designed by British Yarrow of Glasgow and built in Denmark they are optimised for artic waters operations. They all underwent a mid-life update between 1996 and 1999 including the installation of a SAM Sea Sparrow vertical launch system

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
DK Knud Rasmussen class 2008


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1320full load (tn)
84length (m)
10.30beam (m)
4.80draught (m)
2500range (nm)
28max speed (knots)
1Naval Engine diesel - MTU
1Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
1Missile Launcher Mk 25 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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DK Aalborg Vaerft - Østhavnen3

List of Ships

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DKRoyal Danish Navy F354KDM Niels JuelOUER19792009
DKRoyal Danish Navy F355KDM Olfert FischerOUES19802009
DKRoyal Danish Navy F356KDM Peter TordenskioldOUET19812009
DKRoyal Danish Navy P570Knud Rasmussen class KDM Knud RasmusssenOVFG2008--
DKRoyal Danish Navy P571Knud Rasmussen class KDM Ejnar MikkelsenOVFH2009--

5 units


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1976-oct-20Laid downDK F354 KDM Niels Juel
1978-feb-17LaunchedDK F354 KDM Niels Juel
1978-nov-29Laid downDK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer
1979-jan-3CommissionedDK F354 KDM Niels Juel
1979-may-10LaunchedDK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer
1979-dec-5Laid downDK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold
1980-feb-29CommissionedDK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer
1980-apr-30LaunchedDK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold
1981-mar-30CommissionedDK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold
1994-junDK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94
2007-jun-4DK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold BALTOPS 07 participated with BALTOPS 07
2009-aug-18DecommissionedDK F354 KDM Niels Juel
2009-aug-18DecommissionedDK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer
2009-aug-18DecommissionedDK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold

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