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  • UK Fort I class (1978)

    Support Ship


    Support Ship Fort I class (1978)

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    UK Fort II class (1992) 1992


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    8300light (tn)
    23500full load (tn)
    185.10length (m)
    24beam (m)
    9draught (m)
    10000range (nm)
    22max speed (knots)
    23200power (shp)
    1Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Gun single 20 mm
    2Chaff and decoys Corvus chaff launcher


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        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 04
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 04
    UK Royal Navy AW EH101 04

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Scott Lithgow (Greenock) - Greenock1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA385RFA Fort GrangeGSEU - FG19781999
    A385 RFA Fort Rosalie 2000--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA386RFA Fort AustinGSEV - FA1979--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA388Fort II class (1992) RFA Fort GeorgeGCOG - FO19932011
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA387Fort II class (1992) RFA Fort VictoriaGACE - FV1994--

    4 units


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    1971-novOrderedUK A385 RFA Fort Grange
    1971-novOrderedUK A386 RFA Fort Austin
    1973-nov-9Laid downUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Yard No 737
    1975-dec-9Laid downUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Yard No 738
    1976-dec-9LaunchedUK A385 RFA Fort Grange as RFA Fort Grange
    1978-febAircraftUK A385 RFA Fort Grange 1st RFA ship to be assigned Sea King HAS.1. 706 Sq XV714 as Fort Grange Flt / 343-FG until c Sep 1978.
    1978-mar-8LaunchedUK A386 RFA Fort Austin
    1978-apr-6CommissionedUK A385 RFA Fort Grange
    1978-apr-15HomeportUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Devonport, Plymouth
    1978-nov-13AircraftUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Sea King XV666
    1979-may-11CommissionedUK A386 RFA Fort Austin
    1979-jul-12HomeportUK A386 RFA Fort Austin arrived HMNB Devonport, Plymouth
    1980-decDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Armilla Patrol with RFA Tidepool, supported deployment to Middle East for Armilla Patrol, with HMS Ardent and HMS Apollo.
    1981-jan-20DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Recovered ditched 824 NAS Sea King HAS.2A XV665 by crane, after being towed to the ship by HMS Apollo.
    1981-marDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Armilla Patrol deployed on Armilla Patrol with HMS Rothesay, HMS Newcastle and RFA Olna.
    1982-mar-29DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Operation Corporate Departed Gibraltar from exercise for the South Atlantic, initially to support HMS Endurance. Left theatre 7 Jun 1982.
    1982-may-14DeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport (while still named RFA Fort Grange) for South Atlantic with 824 Squadron C Flt embarked (XV697, XV698 and the recently transferred XV672, from 706 NAS). She left theatre on 17 Sep and disembarked the Flight to RNAS Culdrose on 2 Oct before returning on 3 Oct 1982.
    1982-jul-11AircraftUK A385 RFA Fort Grange accident Sea King XV698
    1982-nov-19UK A385 RFA Fort Grange Departed HMNB Devonport, embarked 4x 826 NAS Sea King and sailed for South Atlantic arriving 31 Dec. Returned to UK 24 Jun 1983.
    1983-febDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Atlantic Patrol Task (South) on Atlantic Patrol Task (South) in support of Royal Navy presence, until Dec 1983.
    1984-junDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Departed Ascension Island for UK with 845 NAS Wessex HU.5 XT455 / YU embarked
    1986-apr-13AircraftUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Embarked 3 Sea Kings of recently formed 814 NAS A Flt for initial operations of GLOBAL 86 deployment and in support of the RIMPAC 86 exercise. Dismbarked at end of Jul 1986 in Singapore.
    1986-oct-2Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Grange visited Sydney Harbour
    1988-jun-2DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin visit to Rockall by embarked Sea Kings of 820 NAS
    1988-sep-26Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
    1989-jun-5AircraftUK A386 RFA Fort Austin 826 NAS Sea King XV699 / 134 departed ship for RNAS Culdrose but conducted emergency landing at Pont Henri, nr Llanelli.
    1990-apr-18DeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange departed Portsmouth for 10 week western North Atlantic deployment supporting TG 318.1, with HMS Ark Royal (flagship), HMS Glasgow, HMS Brave and HMS Cumberland and RFA Olna.
    1991-apr-23DeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange Bangladesh Cyclone relief In Bay of Bengal for Cyclone relief operations, 826 NAS D Flt embarked.
    1991-jun-7AircraftUK A386 RFA Fort Austin embarked 826 NAS D Flt from RFA Fort Grange, until Aug 1991.
    1993-janDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange UNPROFOR operated with 4 Sea King HAS.6 of 820 NAS in support of HMS Ark Royal off Bosnia, with RFA Olwen until Jul 1993.
    1996-augDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange departed from HMNB Portsmouth at end Aug 1996 supporting HMS Invincible and HMS Sheffield for exercises in Mediterranean and Persian Gulf (from Nov) before returning to Portsmouth during Dec.
    1997-aprDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Grange SFOR (stabilisation force) Off Splyt, Croatia as part of UN SFOR until Jan 2000.
    2000-mayUK A385 RFA Fort Grange renamed from RFA Fort Grange to RFA Fort Rosalie
    2000-mayDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie to Gibraltar to support HM Submarine Tireless, returning to HMNB Devonport on 16 May 2001.
    2000-mayDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Operation Palliser ordered off Freetown, Sierra Leone to support Operation Palliser.
    2003-jan-15DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Operation Telic departed UK for Arabian Gulf in support of 2nd Gulf War operations. Embarked 4 Sea King of 820 NAS. Returned to the Clyde on 29 May 2003.
    2003-jan-15DeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie Operation Telic departed HMNB Devonport to support combat operations in Iraq. Commenced in theatre on 9 Feb, completing 28 May 2003.
    2006-oct-11DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Operation Vela (Green Eagle) in support of Exercise Green Eagle phase of Operation Vela, off Sierra Leone
    2007-febDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin support ship for CTF 158 in northern Arabian Gulf
    2008-mayRefitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie Refit at Birkenhead until 2009
    2008-oct-4DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Exercise Joint Warrior 08-2 participated in bi-annual multi-national exercise off Scottish coast, until 17 Oct
    2008-oct-25Port VisitUK A386 RFA Fort Austin 3 day visit to Douglas, Isle of Man.
    2009-jul-14UK A386 RFA Fort Austin to HMNB Portsmouth for planned period of extended lay-up.
    2009-jul-14Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie visit to Cherbourg for Bastille Day celebrations
    2010-aug-10UK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie Fleet Review: 500 years anniversary of RDN .
    2011-aprDeploymentUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie Operation Unified Protector supported the contribution to the international forces and the UK Response Force Task Group with ammunition and stores. On 11 Jun, delivered Apache AH.1 ZJ179 from Cyprus to HMS Ocean, off Libya.
    2011-may-27RefitUK A386 RFA Fort Austin departed HMNB Portsmouth under tow for refit at Cammell Laird Dry Dock No.5, on Merseyside.
    2012-feb-2Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie in Caribbean as Atlantic Patrol Task (North) and arrived off Cayman Islands in early Feb 2012 for 4 day visit.
    2012-feb-6Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie 4 day visit to Veracruz, Mexico
    2012-jun-8Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie visited Havana, Cuba as part of British Culture Week (8-16 Jun 2012)
    2012-decUK A386 RFA Fort Austin returned to the fleet after 3 years in reserve and a regeneration refit at Birkenhead
    2013-jan-7RefitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie arrived Cammell Laird, Birkenhead, (after de-storing at Glenmallan on 3 Jan) for 5 month refit. Sailed from Birkenhead on 19 Oct.
    2013-julUK A386 RFA Fort Austin equipment fit at Crombie, pre-deployment
    2013-augDeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin Cougar 13 departed UK for Middle East support duties as part of Ex Cougar 13. Relieved RFA Fort Victoria on station on 18 Oct to take over her role with CTF-151.
    2014-mayAircraftUK A386 RFA Fort Austin embarked 857 NAS for Force Protection of the Coalition Task Force operating in the Persian Gulf, until Dec 2014.
    2014-nov-7DeploymentUK A386 RFA Fort Austin International Mine Counter Measures Exercise 2014 participated in major multi-national Gulf exercise, together with a number of UK warships and MCM vessels.
    2014-decAircraftUK A386 RFA Fort Austin embarked Sea King ASaC.7 from Normandy Flt of 849 NAS (relieving 857 NAS) for Force Protection of the Coalition Task Force operating in the Persian Gulf.
    2016-jul-12Port VisitUK A385 RFA Fort Rosalie to Cork, for Cork Week
    2017-aprUK A386 RFA Fort Austin crossed the Mersey to tie up at Birkenhead
    2017-aug-15RefitUK A386 RFA Fort Austin damaged by fire during refit at Birkenhead. No injuries, but future not looking good. Still present Sep 2020.

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