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  • 1964    

    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Round Table class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    AU Modified Round Table class 1981
    IN Magar (1987) class 1987


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    3270light (tn)
    5550full load (tn)
    125.60length (m)
    19.60beam (m)
    4.30draught (m)
    8000range (nm)
    17max speed (knots)
    9520power (shp)
    2Naval Engine diesel


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        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 03
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 02
    UK Royal Marines SNIA SA341B Gazelle AH.1 03

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Alexander Stephen - 2
    UK Hawthorn Leslie - Hebburn3
    UK Kvaerner (Govan) - Govan1
    UK Swan Hunter (Wallsend) - Wallsend1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3029RFA Sir LancelotGMIR - LN19641989
    SG Singapore Navy 206 RSS Perseverance 19942003
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3004RFA Sir BedivereGSRE - BD19672008
    BR Brazilian Navy G25 NDCC Almirante Saboia 2009--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3005RFA Sir GalahadGSLA - GD19671982
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3027RFA Sir GeraintGVNU - GR19672003
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3505RFA Sir TristramGVMA - TM19672005
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3036RFA Sir PercivaleGVTA - PV19682004
    AURANL50Modified Round Table class HMAS TobrukVLSD1981--
    INIndian NavyL20Magar (1987) class INS Magar1987--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryL3005RFA Sir Galahad (1988)GABN - GH19882007
    BR Brazilian Navy G29 NDCC Garcia D'Avila 2007--
    INIndian NavyL23Magar (1987) class INS Gharial1997--

    10 units


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    1961OrderedUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot
    1962-marLaid downUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Shipyard was known as Fairfield at the time, Yard No 818
    1963-jun-25LaunchedUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot
    1964OrderedUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere
    1964OrderedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint
    1964-jan-16CommissionedUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot
    1965OrderedUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram
    1965OrderedUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale
    1965-febLaid downUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad
    1965-feb-21Laid downUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint
    1965-mayDeploymentUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Deployed to Aden, carrying nine Wessex HC.2 for the newly forming 78 Squadron.
    1965-oct-31Laid downUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Yard No 760.
    1966-mar-14Laid downUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram Yard No 761
    1966-apr-19LaunchedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad
    1966-jul-20LaunchedUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere
    1966-jul-27Laid downUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale at Hebburn, Yard No 762.
    1966-dec-12LaunchedUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram
    1966-dec-17CommissionedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad
    1967-jan-26LaunchedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint
    1967-febDeploymentUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Deployed on exercise to Hong Kong from Singapore with HMS Fearless, HMS Loch Fada, HMS Chichester. HMS Albion embarked Royal Marines from 3 CDO BGE Transport and composite troop and others
    1967-may-18CommissionedUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere
    1967-jul-12CommissionedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint
    1967-sep-14CommissionedUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram
    1967-oct-4LaunchedUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale
    1967-novDeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
    1968-mar-23CommissionedUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale
    1968-sepDeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad Exercise Coral Sands Departed Singapore with Scouts of 2 Flight and 2 Scout from 7 Flight embarked.
    1970-janDeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad Departed Terendak, Malaysia for Hong Kong with ex 7 Flight Scout AH.1 for the recently re-established 656 Squadron at Sek Kong.
    1970-nov-19DeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad Operation Burlap to Bay of Bengal, with 3 Commando Brigade RM embarked, to assist in cyclone relief efforts
    1971-febDeploymentUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot ordered to Temeresh area of Pahang state in Malaysia for flood relief operations, with Royal Marines and 847 NAS Wessex HU.5 embarked.
    1974-mayDeploymentUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale departed Callao at the end of May to monitor the French Nuclear tests around Mururoa Atoll
    1977-feb-19UK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Collided with Algerian vessel near mouth of Southampton Water
    1977-aprDeploymentUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale Departed Malta with 3 CBAS Salerno Flt Gazelles aboard XX377 / E, XX381 / F, XX383 / G
    1979-mar-21DeploymentUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Embarked Salerno Company, 41 Commando Royal Marines on 29 Mar as almost the final act of the British withdrawal from Malta. RFA Sir Lancelot departed Valetta harbour on 30 Mar.
    1979-jun-21UK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint In collision with German tanker, near Isle of Wight. Sir Geraints bow doors were damaged but German tanker sank.
    1982-apr-2DeploymentUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram Operation Corporate Ordered to South Atlantic via Ascension Island whilst off Belize, arriving in theatre 19 May. Damaged in air attack on 8 Jun and moved to Port Stanley. Returned to UK by sealift, arriving on Teesside 13 Jun 1983.
    1982-apr-5DeploymentUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale Operation Corporate Departed SMC Marchwood for South Atlantic with a flight of 3CBAS Gazelles embarked, leaving theatre 28 Jun 1982.
    1982-apr-6DeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic with C Flight of 3CBAS Gazelle AH.1 (XX402/G, XX411/X, XX412/Y) embarked.
    1982-apr-6DeploymentUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic with a flight of 3CBAS Gazelle AH.1 (ZA730/F, ZA776/H and ex ARWS XZ326/W). Left theatre, end of Jun 1982.
    1982-apr-6DeploymentUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Operation Corporate Departed SMC Marchwood for South Atlantic with a flight of 3CBAS Gazelles embarked. Damaged in air attack on 24 May and repaired locally, leaving theatre 26 Jul 1982.
    1982-apr-29DeploymentUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Operation Corporate Departed SMC Marchwood for South Atlantic, leaving theatre 25 Oct 1982.
    1982-junDecommissionedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad
    1982-jun-26Fate: sunkUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad badly damaged on 8 Jun 1982 and subsequently sunk by HMS Onyx (S21) as a war grave.
    1984RefitUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram until 1985, extensive refit following 1982 bomb damage in the South Atlantic. Included replacing aluminium superstructure with steel, inserting an additional 8.8m midships section forward of the after ramp hatch and strengthening the flight deck for Chinook operations.
    1984-sepOrderedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988)
    1985-jul-12Laid downUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) at Wallsend, Yard No 125. To replace RFA Sir Galahad sunk in South Atlantic
    1986-dec-13LaunchedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988)
    1987-nov-25CommissionedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988)
    1989-junDecommissionedUK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot sold commercially to South Africa
    1992-octFate: transferedSG 206 RSS Perseverance bought by Republic of Singapore Navy
    1994RefitUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere until 1998, under refit by Babcock at Rosyth to displace 7700 tonnes and increase length by 12 m.
    1994-may-5CommissionedSG 206 RSS Perseverance in the past, had been UK RFA Sir Lancelot
    1997DeploymentUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale last RFA vessel to leave Hong Kong before its handover to China.
    1998-aug-28DeploymentUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere International Festival of Sea Participated in IFoS 1998., Portsmouth, on board Gazelle ZB676
    1998-octDeploymentUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram Operation Tellar Hurricane reilef operations off central America
    2000-sep-20Port VisitUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram tied up alongside HMS Belfast in the Pool of London, to support the Royal Logistic Corps Millennium Celebration.
    2001-augDeploymentUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram to Middle East, Gulf and Indian Ocean, until Aug 2002 when she returned to Marchwood. Extended deployment due to support for anti-Taliban operations in Afghanistan, with RFA Sir Percivale and RFA Fort Austin.
    2002-sep-10DeploymentUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere deployed to Arabian Gulf in support of mine counter-measures.
    2002-novPort VisitUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) Dartmouth, Devon
    2003-jan-15DeploymentUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) Operation Telic to support combat, post-combat and reconstruction operations in Iraq, completing 5 Aug 2003.
    2003-jan-15DeploymentUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale Operation Telic to support combat operations in Iraq, completing 28 May 2003.
    2003-jan-17DeploymentUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram Operation Telic to support combat, post-combat and (from 28 May) mine clearance operations in Iraq, completing 4 Aug 2003.
    2003-mar-19DeploymentUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Operation Telic to support mine clearance operations in Iraq, completing 28 May 2003.
    2003-mar-28Port VisitUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) at Umm Qasr, Iraq
    2003-may-1DecommissionedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint
    2003-decDecommissionedSG 206 RSS Perseverance sold commercially
    2004-may-13DeploymentUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram departed HMNB Devonport supporting HMS Ocean, as part of an Amphibious Task Group with HMS Albion, HMS Cornwall, HMS Sutherland, RFA Argus, RFA Fort George, RFA Fort Rosalie, RFA Sir Galahad and RFA Oakleaf, for exercises with US Navy. Arrived Norfolk, VA on 28 May.
    2004-aug-17DecommissionedUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale
    2005-julFate: transferedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint sold to Pakistani breakers, renamed Sir G
    2005-decFate: scrappedUK L3027 RFA Sir Geraint scrapped at Gadani Beach, Pakistan
    2005-dec-16DecommissionedUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram
    2006-oct-11DeploymentUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Operation Vela (Green Eagle) in support of Exercise Green Eagle phase of Operation Vela, off Sierra Leone
    2007HomeportUK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram In use with Royal Marines in Portland Harbour as Training Vessel (TV) Tristram
    2007-julDecommissionedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) in Portsmouth
    2007-julFate: transferedUK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) To Brazil as NDCC Garcia DAvila
    2007-julCommissionedBR G29 NDCC Garcia D'Avila ex UK RFA Sir Galahad
    2008-feb-18DecommissionedUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere
    2008-feb-18Fate: transferedUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere to Brazil as NDCC Almirante Saboia
    2008-marFate: scrappedSG 206 RSS Perseverance scrapped in Bangladesh
    2009RefitUK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Refit by AP Group (Falmouth) until at least May 2009 for Brazilian Navy
    2009-mar-6Port VisitBR G29 NDCC Garcia D'Avila Simonstown in support of 3rd Sea Power for Africa Symposium
    2009-may-21CommissionedBR G25 NDCC Almirante Saboia ex UK RFA Sir Bedivere
    2009-decFate: scrappedUK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale scrapped at Leavesley International in Liverpool and mostly completed by Jun 2010.

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