PL Reliant class (1983)

Support Ship



204length (m)
31beam (m)
7.90draught (m)
28max speed (knots)
29000power (shp)

2Naval Engine diesel

4Naval Gun single 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 15


PL Stocznia Gdanska - 1

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19831986UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA131RFA ReliantRT

1 units


1976-jul-06LaunchedLaunched UK A131 RFA Reliant as mv Astronomer
1982-may-31RefitRefit UK A131 RFA Reliant single 20 mm taken up from trade as mv Astronomer and entered rapid refit to provide helicopter support facilities, until 7 Jun 1982.
1982-jun-08DeploymentDeployment UK A131 RFA Reliant departed Plymouth for South Atlantic with replacement / garrison Wessex, Chinook and Scout aboard. Arrived after Operation Corporate had concluded. Returned to Plymouth Sound 2 Dec 1982
1982-jun-27DeploymentDeployment UK A131 RFA Reliant Arrived at Port William anchorage with further Wessex HU.5 after cessation of hostilities and relieved RFA Engadine as a helicopter support centre on 2 Jul. Relocated near Port San Carlos in Aug 1982.
1982-decRefitRefit UK A131 RFA Reliant at Cammell Laird to fit Arapaho helicopter support modules
1983-nov-16CommissionedCommissioned UK A131 RFA Reliant as RFA Reliant after a years lease
1984-jan-11DeploymentDeployment UK A131 RFA Reliant Operation Offcut stood off Beirut, with a detachment of three 846 NAS Sea Kings embarked, including ZA291 / VB. Evacuated British troops and c 5000 nationals, starting on 8 Feb 1984 and disembarked civilians and part of BRITFORLEB in Cyprus.
1984-novDeploymentDeployment UK A131 RFA Reliant Deployed to South Atlantic to guard the Falkland Island Protection Zone. 826 NAS detachments embarked.
1986-may-25DecommissionedDecommissioned UK A131 RFA Reliant
1998Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped UK A131 RFA Reliant Scrapped in India

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