UK Engadine class

UK Lofoten class

Helicopter Carrier


Derivatives / Succeeded by
1987 UK Argus class


6385light (tn)
8950full load (tn)
129.30length (m)
17.80beam (m)
6.70draught (m)
14.50max speed (knots)
5500power (shp)

1Naval Engine diesel

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 24
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 02
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 02
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 56


UK Robb Caledon (Leith) - Leith1

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19671989UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryK08RFA Engadine GRBU - EN
1982--UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA135Argus class RFA Argus GDSA - AS

2 units


1964-aug-14OrderedOrdered UK K08 RFA Engadine
1965-aug-09Laid downLaid down UK K08 RFA Engadine Victoria Yard No 500
1966-sep-16LaunchedLaunched UK K08 RFA Engadine named on 15th but launch delayed by bad weather
1966-sep-16 UK K08 RFA Engadine Ship No 500 built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb. For more see www.leithshipyards.com
1967-dec-15CommissionedCommissioned UK K08 RFA Engadine to replace role of HMS Lofoten
1968 UK K08 RFA Engadine 2 Wessex Helicopters at Portland Visit to Ireland
1968-janHomeportHomeport UK K08 RFA Engadine Portland
1969-jul-02TrialsTrials UK K08 RFA Engadine Conducted first-of-type deck landing trials with Sea King HAS.1 XV642, beginning on 2 Jul
1969-jul-26DeploymentDeployment UK K08 RFA Engadine Fleet Review: Ships of the Western Fleet Present at Ships of the Western Fleet review in Torbay.
1972-junDeploymentDeployment UK K08 RFA Engadine to Rockall, to install navigation beacon on the summit, via Sea Kings of 819 NAS
1973-jun-29TrialsTrials UK K08 RFA Engadine Hosted first-of-type at-sea deck landings by a Lynx HAS.2 (XX510).
1973-decAircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine Assigned Wessex HAS.3 XM871 as /410-EN by Dec 1973
1976-may-03AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine Deck landing accident when undercarriage of Wessex HAS.3 XS119 collapsed on 3 May 1976, while operating with 737 NAS / 665-PO, off Start Point. Returned to Portland to send airframe to Accident Investigation Unit at Lee by road.
1978-julRefitRefit UK K08 RFA Engadine at Royal Albert Dock, London
1979-febAircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine From Feb 1979, RFA Engadine was a regular, short term host to a Sea King detachment from 706 Squadron.
1981-dec-08DeploymentDeployment UK K08 RFA Engadine Rescue from mv Melpol MAYDAY received early morning of 8 Dec 1981 from ship on fire in English Channel. Launched two Sea Kings and proceeded towards incident.
1982-may-10DeploymentDeployment UK K08 RFA Engadine Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic with 847 Squadron A Flt embarked. Took up station at Port William on 27 Jun.
1982-jul-05AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine Embarked 847 NAS Wessex HU.5 XS516 /XD and XT755 /XX and left theatre on 7 Jul, via San Carlos to collect tail-less ex 825 NAS Sea King XV696 /268, arriving HMNB Devonport on 30 Jul.
1983RefitRefit UK K08 RFA Engadine during latter part of 1983 and into 1984, her flight deck was extended and strengthened at Gibraltar, to provide a 2nd Sea King landing spot
1983-feb-18AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine From 18 Feb 1983 to 22 Jan 1989 almost until she decommissioned, RFA Engadine was a regular, short term host to a Sea King detachment from 810 Squadron.
1986-nov-17DeploymentDeployment UK K08 RFA Engadine Embarked 5x Lynx from 702 NAS to complete sea training for student aircrew (pic) in Bay of Biscay and Gibraltar, completing on 28 Nov 1986.
1988-mar-08AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine Lynx ZD262
1988-mar-10AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine during night exercise in Portuguese waters, 702 NAS Lynx HAS.3 XZ243/635 ditched. Airframe recovered.
1988-mar-13AircraftAircraft UK K08 RFA Engadine Sea King XV648 and XV708 training onboard
1989DecommissionedDecommissioned UK K08 RFA Engadine
1990-feb-18Fate: transferedFate: transfered UK K08 RFA Engadine to Greek owners and arrived in Piraeus
1996-may-07Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped UK K08 RFA Engadine to Alang, India for scrapping

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