US Charles F. Adams NTU class

US Charles F. Adams class

Guided-Missile Destroyer


The New Threat Upgrade (NTU) program consisted of a number of sensor, weapons and communications upgrades, intended to extend the service life of the ships



US Avondale Shipyard - 1
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island2

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19631991USUS NavyDDG-19USS Tattnall
19631993USUS NavyDDG-20USS Goldsborough
19931993 AU RAN D 40 parts hulk
19641991 sunk 2001USUS NavyDDG-22USS Benjamin Stoddert

3 units


1959-jul-21OrderedOrdered US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1960-mar-25OrderedOrdered US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1960-mar-25OrderedOrdered US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1960-nov-14Laid downLaid down US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1961-jan-03Laid downLaid down US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1961-aug-26LaunchedLaunched US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1961-dec-15LaunchedLaunched US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1962-jun-11Laid downLaid down US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1963-jan-08LaunchedLaunched US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1963-apr-13CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1963-nov-09CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1964-sep-12CommissionedCommissioned US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1991-jan-18DecommissionedDecommissioned US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1991-dec-20DecommissionedDecommissioned US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1992-nov-20StruckStruck US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
1993-jan-12StruckStruck US DDG-19 USS Tattnall
1993-apr-29DecommissionedDecommissioned US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1993-apr-29StruckStruck US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
1993-sep-17Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough Australia as spare parts
1994Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped AU D 40 parts hulk towed to India and broken up
2000Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US DDG-19 USS Tattnall Brownsville, Texas
2001-feb-03Fate: sunkFate: sunk US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert being tow to Brownsville, Texas

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