KR Ulsan class



Frigate Ulsan class

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1989 IN FS Sukanya class
1996         IN W Samar class
2013 KR Incheon class
2020         RP Jose Rizal class


2350full load (tn)
103.70length (m)
12.50beam (m)
3.80draught (m)
4000range (nm)
34max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine diesel - MTU
2Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
1Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG

1Missile Launcher HQ-7 8-cell SAM
4Missile Launcher OTOMAT Mk2 SSM launcher

1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
3Naval Gun twin 40 mm

1Naval Radar air search radar DA05

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
BD Bangladesh Navy AW AW109E Power 01


KR Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering - Geoje-Daero4
KR Hyundai - Jeonha Dong4
KR Korea SEC - 1
KR Tacoma Korea - 1

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1980--KRROK NavyFF 951ROKS Ulsan
1985--KRROK NavyFF 952ROKS Seoul
1985--KRROK NavyFF 955ROKS Masan
1986--KRROK NavyFF 953ROKS Chungnam
1986--KRROK NavyFF 956ROKS Gyeongbuk
1988--KRROK NavyFF 957ROKS Jeonnam
1989--INIndian NavyP50Sukanya class INS Sukanya
1990--INIndian NavyP51Sukanya class INS Subhadra
1990--INIndian NavyP53Sukanya class INS Savitri
1990--KRROK NavyFF 958ROKS Jeju
1991--INIndian NavyP52Sukanya class INS Suvarna
1991--INIndian NavyP54Sukanya class INS Saryu
1991--INIndian NavyP55Sukanya class INS Sharada
1993--INIndian NavyP56Sukanya class INS Sujata
1993--KRROK NavyFF 959ROKS Busan
1993--KRROK NavyFF 961ROKS Cheongju
1996--INIndian Coast Guard42Samar class Samar
1997--INIndian Coast Guard43Samar class Sangram
1998--INIndian Coast Guard44Samar class Sarang
2001--BDBangladesh NavyF 25BNS Bangabandhu
2013--KRROK NavyFFG 811Incheon class ROKS Incheon
2014--KRROK NavyFFG 812Incheon class ROKS Gyeonggi
2015--KRROK NavyFFG 813Incheon class ROKS Jeonbuk
2015--KRROK NavyFFG 815Incheon class ROKS Gangwon
2016--KRROK NavyFFG 816Incheon class ROKS ChungbukHLFV
2016--KRROK NavyFFG 817Incheon class ROKS Gwangju
2020--RPPhilippine NavyFF-150Jose Rizal class BRP Jose Rizal
2021--RPPhilippine NavyFF-151Jose Rizal class BRP Antonio Luna

28 units


1980-apr-08LaunchedLaunched KR FF 951 ROKS Ulsan
1981-jan-01CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 951 ROKS Ulsan
1984-apr-24LaunchedLaunched KR FF 952 ROKS Seoul
1984-oct-26LaunchedLaunched KR FF 953 ROKS Chungnam
1984-oct-26LaunchedLaunched KR FF 955 ROKS Masan
1985-jun-30CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 952 ROKS Seoul
1985-jul-20CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 955 ROKS Masan
1986-jan-15LaunchedLaunched KR FF 956 ROKS Gyeongbuk
1986-may-30CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 956 ROKS Gyeongbuk
1986-jun-01CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 953 ROKS Chungnam
1988-apr-19LaunchedLaunched KR FF 957 ROKS Jeonnam
1988-may-03LaunchedLaunched KR FF 958 ROKS Jeju
1988-jun-17CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 957 ROKS Jeonnam
1990-jan-01CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 958 ROKS Jeju
1992-feb-20LaunchedLaunched KR FF 959 ROKS Busan
1992-mar-20Laid downLaid down KR FF 961 ROKS Cheongju
1993-jan-01CommissionedCommissioned KR FF 959 ROKS Busan
1993-jun-01LaunchedLaunched KR FF 961 ROKS Cheongju
1999OrderedOrdered BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu
1999-may-12Laid downLaid down BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu
2000-aug-29LaunchedLaunched BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu
2001-jun-20CommissionedCommissioned BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu
2002-feb-13 BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu To reserve
2007-jul-13 BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu Recommissioned
2011RefitRefit BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu HQ-7 8-cell SAM Refit added an FM-90/HQ-7A SAM launcher, for 8 missiles.
2018-mar-22Port VisitPort Visit BD F 25 BNS Bangabandhu arrived Colombo for a 4 day goodwill visit

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