UK Endurance (1967)

Support Ship



3600full load (tn)
92.96length (m)
14beam (m)
5.50draught (m)
14.50max speed (knots)

1Naval Engine diesel

2Naval Gun single 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 22
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 22
UK Royal Navy Westland Whirlwind 22


DE Lurssen (Kroeger Werft) - Audorfer See1

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19671991UKRoyal NavyA171HMS EnduranceGXRH - ED

1 units


1955Laid downLaid down UK A171 HMS Endurance as mv Anita Dan
1956-mayLaunchedLaunched UK A171 HMS Endurance as mv Anita Dan for Lauritzen Lines
1967-decRefitRefit UK A171 HMS Endurance purchased by UK and into 11 month refit for Antarctic support operations and installation of a flight deck in Belfast until Oct 1968.
1968-jun-27CommissionedCommissioned UK A171 HMS Endurance by Royal Navy as Antarctic Support & Ice Patrol ship. Also known as the Red Plum.
1974-jun-03RefitRefit UK A171 HMS Endurance Refit at HMD Portsmouth, until 9 Sep 1974. Both Endurance Flight Whirlwind HAR.9s were disembarked at HMS Daedalus for the duration, re-embarking on 20 Sep.
1974-oct-03DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance departed HMNB Portsmouth for 5 month deployment to the Antarctic, to be based locally at Port Stanley. Returned to Portsmouth on 20 Mar 1975.
1974-oct-13Port VisitPort Visit UK A171 HMS Endurance visited Dakar for 4 days, en route South Atlantic, departing 16 Oct.
1975-feb-19Port VisitPort Visit UK A171 HMS Endurance visit to Buenos Aires, until 24 Feb on northbound leg of deployment.
1976-octDeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month Antarctic support deployment. Returned to Portsmouth 23 May 1977.
1978RefitRefit UK A171 HMS Endurance satellite communications systems added during refit at Chatham.
1981-oct-13DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance Departed HMNB Portsmouth for South Atlantic patrol.
1981-dec-13DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance while operating from the ship Endurance Flt Wasp HAS.1 XT418/435-E, rolled over following beach landing just to the west of the ships positon off South Georgia.
1982-mar-21DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance Operation Corporate ordered from her South Atlantic patrol station to South Georgia 21 Mar 1982, leaving theatre on 23 Jul, returning to Chatham on 20 Aug 1982.
1982-apr-14DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance Operation Paraquat Joined HMS Antrim, HMS Plymouth and RFA Tidespring for recovery of South Georgia.
1982-jun-17AircraftAircraft UK A171 HMS Endurance embarked 848 Sq A Flt Wessex HU.5 XS486/WW from RFA Regent in preparation for Operation Keyhole. Returned to RFA Regent on 24 Jun.
1982-jun-18DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance Operation Keyhole ordered to South Thule, in company with HMS Yarmouth and supported by RFA Olmeda for its recovery.
1985-mayPort VisitPort Visit UK A171 HMS Endurance Visited Bermuda
1991DecommissionedDecommissioned UK A171 HMS Endurance During the Antarctic Summer of 1991/1992, the mv Polar Circle was chartered for Ice Patrol duties.

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