Destroyer F70 ASW class

Also known as the Georges Leygues class the multi-role variant of the F70 type "frigate" is powered with gas turbine engines to better fulfill its primary function of antisubmarine warfare.


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4500full load (tn)
139length (m)
14beam (m)
6draught (m)
8000range (nm)
30max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
1Missile Launcher Crotale SAM
8Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet
2Missile Launcher Simbad twin launcher
1Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
2Naval Gun single 30 mm
2Torpedo Launchers L5 torpedo launcher
1Naval Radar air search radar DRBV 51
1Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-26 Juptier
1Naval Radar fire direction radar DRBC 32
2Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226


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    Typical Max
FR French Navy Westland Lynx 12
FR French Navy SNIA Alouette III 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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FR DCNS - Brest - 7

List of Ships

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FRFrench NavyD640Georges LeyguesFAGL1979--
FRFrench NavyD641DupleixFADL1981--
FRFrench NavyD642MontcalmFAMO1982--
FRFrench NavyD643Jean de VienneFAJV1984--
FRFrench NavyD644PrimauguetFAPG1986--
FRFrench NavyD645Lamotte-PicquetFAMP1988--
FRFrench NavyD646Latouche-TrevilleFALT1990--

7 units


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1974-sep-16Laid downFR D640 Georges Leygues
1975-oct-17Laid downFR D641 Dupleix
1975-dec-5Laid downFR D642 Montcalm
1976-dec-17LaunchedFR D640 Georges Leygues
1978-dec-2LaunchedFR D641 Dupleix
1979-oct-26Laid downFR D643 Jean de Vienne
1979-dec-10CommissionedFR D640 Georges Leygues
1980-may-31LaunchedFR D642 Montcalm
1981-jun-16CommissionedFR D641 Dupleix
1981-nov-17LaunchedFR D643 Jean de Vienne
1981-nov-19Laid downFR D644 Primauguet
1982-feb-9Laid downFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet
1982-may-28CommissionedFR D642 Montcalm
1984-mar-17LaunchedFR D644 Primauguet
1984-may-25CommissionedFR D643 Jean de Vienne
1985-feb-6LaunchedFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet
1985-may-31Laid downFR D646 Latouche-Treville
1986-nov-5CommissionedFR D644 Primauguet
1988-feb-18CommissionedFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet
1988-mar-19LaunchedFR D646 Latouche-Treville
1990-jul-16CommissionedFR D646 Latouche-Treville
2004-oct-18Port VisitFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet departed Malta after short visit
2009-feb-27Port VisitFR D641 Dupleix visit to Malta
2010-jun-12HomeportFR D641 Dupleix Toulon
2010-jun-12HomeportFR D642 Montcalm Toulon
2010-jul-17Port VisitFR D644 Primauguet Based in HMNB Devonport for a week during Exercise FRUKUS 10, rehearsing Disaster Relief operations with Royal Navy, US Navy and Russian Navy.
2011-feb-28DeploymentFR D640 Georges Leygues departed Brest for a 5 month training mission, of which 1 month was spent supporting Libyan democracy (known as Operation Harmattan), returning on 3 Aug 2011
2011-jun-19HomeportFR D642 Montcalm Toulon
2012-feb-4Port VisitFR D643 Jean de Vienne visit to Malta, until at least 7 Feb
2012-dec-1DeploymentFR D641 Dupleix Combined Task Force 150 cooperation exercise with Djibutian Navy and Coast Guard in Gulf of Aden as part of CTF-150 with HMAS Anzac and PNS Shamsheer, until 5 Dec.
2014-sep-3Port VisitFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet visited Cardiff in support of NATO Defence Ministers summit in Newport.
2015-apr-11DeploymentFR D644 Primauguet Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
2015-apr-19DeploymentFR D643 Jean de Vienne operating in northern Arabian Gulf as part of Task Force TF473 with FS Chevalier Paul and joined with FS Var (flagship of CTF-150).
2015-oct-3DeploymentFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2 participated in JW 15-2 off north west coast of Scotland
2015-novDeploymentFR D645 Lamotte-Picquet Opération Chammal participated in operations against ISIL
2016-jan-26FR D644 Primauguet Modern Express Rescue involved in the Modern Express rescue
2016-sepDeploymentFR D643 Jean de Vienne Opération Chammal Part of French Carrier Group against ISIS

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