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    1979FR Destroyer F70 ASW class8
    1982EC Corvette Esmeralda class4
    1983AR Destroyer MEKO 360H2 class8
    1983CO Corvette Almirante Padilla class8
    1989BR Corvette Inhaúma class4
    1996FR Frigate La Fayette class8
    1999MY Guided-Missile Frigate Lekiu class8
    2006ZA Frigate Valor class2
    2008FR Guided-Missile Destroyer Horizon class8
    2022EG Frigate MEKO A200EN (Al-Aziz) class2

    In Service

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    FR French Navy
    EC Ecuadorian Navy
    AR Argentine Navy
    CO Colombian Navy
    BR Brazilian Navy
    MY Royal Malaysian Navy
    ZA South African Navy

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