FI Atle class



Icebreakers Atle class

Five icebreakers built for the Swedish and Finnish governments Maritime Administrations to keep the baltic sea transport lanes open and safe.


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9500full load (tn)
104.60length (m)
23.80beam (m)
8draught (m)
19max speed (knots)
21700power (shp)


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
SE swedish air force SNIA AS332M1 Super Puma 01
SE swedish air force B-V hkp4a 01
SE swedish navy B-V hkp4b 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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FI Aker Finnyards - 5

List of Ships

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SEswedish navyAtleSBPR1974--
SEswedish navyFrejSBPT1975--
FIFinnish NavyUrhoOHMS1975--
FIFinnish NavySisuOHMW1976--
SEswedish navyYmerSDIA1977--

5 units


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1974LaunchedSE Atle
1974LaunchedSE Frej
1974-octCommissionedSE Atle
1975-mar-5CommissionedFI Urho
1975-sepCommissionedSE Frej
1976-jan-28CommissionedFI Sisu
1976-sep-3LaunchedSE Ymer
1977-octCommissionedSE Ymer

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