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  • 2003    

    Support Ship Wave class

    Fast Fleet Support Tankers with double hulls for Wet Cargo, built to IMO commercial standards.


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    18200light (tn)
    31500full load (tn)
    196.50length (m)
    28.25beam (m)
    10draught (m)
    10000range (nm)
    18max speed (knots)
    1Naval Engine electric motors
    4Naval Engine diesel - Wärtsilä VASA32
    2Naval Gun single 30 mm
    2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
    8Chaff and decoys Seagnat


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        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy AW EH101 01
    UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK BAE Systems (Vickers) - 1
    UK Kvaerner (Govan) - Govan1

    List of Ships

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    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA389RFA Wave KnightGWBU - WK2003--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA390RFA Wave RulerGCVR2003--

    2 units


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    1997-mar-12OrderedUK A389 RFA Wave Knight
    1997-mar-12OrderedUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler originally to be built by Vickers at Barrow, construction was moved to Govan, to save that yard.
    1998-may-22Laid downUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Yard No 1119. Laid down at Barrow in a joint ceremony with HMS Albion.
    2000-sep-29LaunchedUK A389 RFA Wave Knight
    2001-feb-9LaunchedUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler at Govan, Yard No 321
    2002-novHomeportUK A389 RFA Wave Knight arrived HMNB Devonport
    2003-marCommissionedUK A389 RFA Wave Knight to replace the decommissioned RFA Olwen.
    2003-apr-27CommissionedUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler
    2003-sepUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed UK for 9 month APT(N) deployment, returned on 3 Jun 2004.
    2005-febDeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight supporting Task Group 326.01 in the Caribbean, with HMS Liverpool as APT(N). Returned to UK 20 Dec 2005
    2006-jun-23AircraftUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler temporarily assigned Lynx HAS.3 XZ228 as 218 Flt / 335 until early Jul 2006
    2006-oct-11DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Operation Vela (Green Eagle) in support of Exercise Green Eagle phase of Operation Vela, off Sierra Leone
    2007-apr-2RefitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead, until Jun 2007
    2008-jan-21DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed HMNB Portsmouth in support of a Royal Navy Middle East deployment. Returned to Devonport on 22 Nov.
    2008-sepDeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Hurricane Ike relief operations Sent for 5 day relief mission as part of British contribution, in company with HMS Iron Duke.
    2008-oct-3Port VisitUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler start of a 5 day visit to Havana, Cuba while otherwise engaged in Caribbean anti-drug operations.
    2010-febDeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler departed Portland Harbour for 21 month Atlantic Patrol Task (North) assignment, returning 12 Dec 2011.
    2010-octRefitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead, Merseyside
    2010-nov-4DeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler while on Atlantic Patrol Task (North), arrived at St Lucia after Hurricane Tomas for humanitarian relief duties
    2011DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Operation Unified Protector supported the contribution to the international forces and the UK Response Force Task Group with fuel
    2011-aprDeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed HMNB Devonport for 11 month east of Suez support deployment with 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 embarked, returning to Portland on 16 Mar 2012.
    2011-jul-22Port VisitUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Met with Cayman Islands emergency planners in preparation for the 2011 Hurricane .
    2011-augDeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler ordered to Turks and Caicos Islands for humanitarian support, after Hurricane Irene struck.
    2012-apr-21RefitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight at Cammell Laird, on Merseyside for 3 months.
    2012-sepDeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Assigned as Support Ship to CTF 53 in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Also took up Gulf Readiness Tanker tasking from Oct 2012. Relieved by RFA Fort Victoria and returned to UK via Gibraltar in Jan 2013, for refit.
    2013-janDeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed UK for 15 month Atlantic Patrol Task (North) deployment, relieving RFA Argus. The period around Jan 2014 included first time embarking an armed USCG helicopter on a non-US ship. Returned to Portland on 24 Apr 2014.
    2013-mar-20Port VisitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Seen at dock in Antigua
    2014-janDeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Left UK for Gulf support tanker deployment, relieving RFA Fort Victoria, as part of Operation Kipion. Relieved in turn by RFA Fort Victoria on station on 2 Jul 2015
    2014-sep-2DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight arrived in Gibraltar for Cougar 14 deployment, in company with HMS Bulwark and RFA Lyme Bay.
    2015-feb-5RefitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight refit at Birkenhead, completed by Aug 2015
    2016-jun-21DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed Devonport for APT(N) tasking. Joined by 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 ZF558/336.
    2016-oct-7DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Hurricane Matthew relief operations arrived off the Bahamas late on 7 Oct to assist in Hurricane Matthew humanitarian relief. Lynx HMA.8 /336 embarked.
    2017-feb-1Port VisitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight visited Grand Cayman for 5 days
    2017-jun-30DeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight Relieved as APT(N) by RFA Mounts Bay at Fort de France
    2017-aug-1DeploymentUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 supporting Warships engaged in Exercise
    2017-sepRefitUK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Began refit (Completed Apr 2018) on Merseyside
    2018RefitUK A389 RFA Wave Knight CIWS Phalanx 20 mm Completed refit in Dec 2018, with Phalanx now fitted to the previously provided mount stations, fore and aft.
    2018-apr-18UK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Entered lay up period on Merseyside, after a refit
    2021-mayDeploymentUK A389 RFA Wave Knight departed UK for 8 month Caribbean mission with an 815 NAS Wildcat embarked, returned 27 Jan 2022.

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