Guided-Missile Cruiser Ticonderoga VLS class

Starting from the 6th vessel, they replaced both twin Mk26 launchers with two Vertical Launching Systems (VLS) with 122 launch tubes which allow the ship to carry a wide variety of missiles, including the Tomahawk cruise missile, SAMs Standard and Evolved Sea Sparrow and the antisubmarine ASROC


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2Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky S-70 H-60 22

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Bath Iron Works - 7
US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 15

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCG-52USS Bunker HillNNBH1986--
USUS NavyCG-53USS Mobile BayNMOB1987--
USUS NavyCG-54USS AntietamNATM1987--
USUS NavyCG-55USS Leyte GulfNLEG1987--
USUS NavyCG-56USS San JacintoNJAC1988--
USUS NavyCG-57USS Lake ChamplainNCPN1988--
USUS NavyCG-58USS Philippine SeaNWIN1989--
USUS NavyCG-59USS PrincetonNDIH1989--
USUS NavyCG-60USS NormandyNVVV1989--
USUS NavyCG-62USS ChancellorsvilleNCVL1989--
USUS NavyCG-61USS MontereyNRAR1990--
USUS NavyCG-63USS CowpensNCOW1991--
USUS NavyCG-64USS GettysburgNGTB1991--
USUS NavyCG-65USS ChosinNCHO1991--
USUS NavyCG-66USS Hue CityNHUE1991--
USUS NavyCG-67USS ShilohNSLH1992--
USUS NavyCG-68USS AnzioNZIO1992--
USUS NavyCG-69USS VicksburgNVMS1992--
USUS NavyCG-70USS Lake ErieNCDP1993--
USUS NavyCG-71USS Cape St. GeorgeNCSG1993--
USUS NavyCG-72USS Vella GulfNVLA1993--
USUS NavyCG-73USS Port RoyalNPTR1994--

22 units


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1982-jan-15OrderedUS CG-52 USS Bunker Hill
1982-jan-15OrderedUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay
1983-jun-20OrderedUS CG-54 USS Antietam
1983-jun-20OrderedUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf
1983-jun-20OrderedUS CG-56 USS San Jacinto
1983-dec-16OrderedUS CG-57 USS Lake Champlain
1983-dec-16OrderedUS CG-59 USS Princeton
1983-dec-27OrderedUS CG-58 USS Philippine Sea
1984-jan-11Laid downUS CG-52 USS Bunker Hill
1984-jun-6Laid downUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay
1984-nov-15Laid downUS CG-54 USS Antietam
1984-nov-26OrderedUS CG-60 USS Normandy
1984-nov-26OrderedUS CG-61 USS Monterey
1984-nov-26OrderedUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville
1985-mar-11LaunchedUS CG-52 USS Bunker Hill
1985-mar-18Laid downUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf
1985-jul-24Laid downUS CG-56 USS San Jacinto
1985-aug-22LaunchedUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay
1986-jan-8OrderedUS CG-63 USS Cowpens
1986-jan-8OrderedUS CG-65 USS Chosin
1986-feb-14LaunchedUS CG-54 USS Antietam
1986-mar-3Laid downUS CG-57 USS Lake Champlain
1986-apr-8Laid downUS CG-58 USS Philippine Sea
1986-jun-20LaunchedUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf
1986-oct-15Laid downUS CG-59 USS Princeton
1986-nov-14LaunchedUS CG-56 USS San Jacinto
1986-nov-20CommissionedUS CG-52 USS Bunker Hill
1987-feb-21CommissionedUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay
1987-apr-3LaunchedUS CG-57 USS Lake Champlain
1987-apr-7Laid downUS CG-60 USS Normandy
1987-apr-16OrderedUS CG-66 USS Hue City
1987-apr-16OrderedUS CG-67 USS Shiloh
1987-apr-16OrderedUS CG-68 USS Anzio
1987-jun-6CommissionedUS CG-54 USS Antietam
1987-jun-24Laid downUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville
1987-jul-12LaunchedUS CG-58 USS Philippine Sea
1987-aug-19Laid downUS CG-61 USS Monterey
1987-sep-26CommissionedUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf
1987-oct-2LaunchedUS CG-59 USS Princeton
1987-dec-23Laid downUS CG-63 USS Cowpens
1988-jan-23CommissionedUS CG-56 USS San Jacinto
1988-feb-25OrderedUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg
1988-feb-25OrderedUS CG-70 USS Lake Erie
1988-feb-25OrderedUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George
1988-feb-25OrderedUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf
1988-feb-25OrderedUS CG-73 USS Port Royal
1988-mar-19LaunchedUS CG-60 USS Normandy
1988-jul-2Laid downUS CG-65 USS Chosin
1988-jul-15LaunchedUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville
1988-aug-17Laid downUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg
1988-oct-23LaunchedUS CG-61 USS Monterey
1988-dec-8CommissionedUS CG-57 USS Lake Champlain
1989-feb-11CommissionedUS CG-59 USS Princeton
1989-feb-20Laid downUS CG-66 USS Hue City
1989-mar-11LaunchedUS CG-63 USS Cowpens
1989-mar-18CommissionedUS CG-58 USS Philippine Sea
1989-jul-2LaunchedUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg
1989-aug-1Laid downUS CG-67 USS Shiloh
1989-aug-21Laid downUS CG-68 USS Anzio
1989-sep-1LaunchedUS CG-65 USS Chosin
1989-nov-4CommissionedUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville
1989-dec-9CommissionedUS CG-60 USS Normandy
1990-jan-7DeploymentUS CG-57 USS Lake Champlain off Thailand, SH-60B 162983 accident
1990-mar-6Laid downUS CG-70 USS Lake Erie
1990-may-30Laid downUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg
1990-jun-1LaunchedUS CG-66 USS Hue City
1990-jun-16CommissionedUS CG-61 USS Monterey
1990-sep-8LaunchedUS CG-67 USS Shiloh
1990-sep-14Port VisitUS CG-59 USS Princeton to Vladivostock, in company with USS Reuben James, on a goodwill exchange
1990-nov-2LaunchedUS CG-68 USS Anzio
1990-nov-19Laid downUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George
1991-jan-12CommissionedUS CG-65 USS Chosin
1991-feb-18DeploymentUS CG-59 USS Princeton Operation Desert Shield/Storm Damaged by two mines three hours after USS Tripoli hit a mine in the same area of the Northern Gulf, cracking the superstructure, buckling the deck and damaging the propeller shaft and rudder. Towed to Bahrain by USS Beaufort ATS-2, relieved by USS Valley Forge.
1991-mar-9CommissionedUS CG-63 USS Cowpens
1991-apr-22Laid downUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf
1991-junUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg Homeport: Mayport Florida
1991-jun-22CommissionedUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg
1991-jul-13LaunchedUS CG-70 USS Lake Erie
1991-sep-7LaunchedUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg
1991-sep-14CommissionedUS CG-66 USS Hue City
1991-oct-18Laid downUS CG-73 USS Port Royal
1992-jan-10LaunchedUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George
1992-may-2CommissionedUS CG-68 USS Anzio
1992-jun-13LaunchedUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf
1992-jul-18CommissionedUS CG-67 USS Shiloh
1992-nov-14CommissionedUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg
1992-nov-20LaunchedUS CG-73 USS Port Royal
1993-jun-13CommissionedUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George
1993-jul-12CommissionedUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf
1993-jul-24CommissionedUS CG-70 USS Lake Erie First US Navy ship Commissioned in Hawaii
1994-junUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94. on board SH-60B 162099
1994-junAircraftUS CG-60 USS Normandy on board SH-60B 162104
1994-jul-9CommissionedUS CG-73 USS Port Royal
1996DeploymentUS CG-61 USS Monterey IFOR (implementation force)
1996DeploymentUS CG-60 USS Normandy IFOR (implementation force)
1997-jun-8AircraftUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George Royal Navy 815 NAS Montrose Flt Lynx ZF557 / 444-MR detached to USS Cape St George for 3 weeks during Jun 1997.
1999-marAircraftUS CG-54 USS Antietam on board SH-60 162980, 165107
1999-novPort VisitUS CG-70 USS Lake Erie visit with USS Constellation Battle Group. HSL-37 Det.9 SH-60B 164813 / TH-63 and 163596 / TH-64, noted on 16 Nov.
1999-novPort VisitUS CG-65 USS Chosin visit with USS Constellation Battle Group. HSL-37 Det.6 SH-60B 163907 / TH-54 and 164810 / TH-62, noted on 16 Nov.
2002-sep-6AircraftUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay lost SH-60 164463 on Arabian Gulf
2005-jun-24DeploymentUS CG-54 USS Antietam Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200 Present at Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review, off Norris anchorage
2005-jul-1Port VisitUS CG-54 USS Antietam Present at International Festival of the Sea, Portsmouth
2005-sep-24AircraftUS CG-71 USS Cape St. George sh-60 165110 mishap
2006-aprAircraftUS CG-53 USS Mobile Bay Hong Kong Super Puma onboard
2007-sep-4DeploymentUS CG-63 USS Cowpens Exercise Malabar 07-2 Participated in multi-national exercise in Bay of Bengal, until 9 Sep.
2007-sep-4DeploymentUS CG-59 USS Princeton Exercise Malabar 07-2 Participated in multi-national exercise in Bay of Bengal, until 9 Sep.
2010-jun-12Port VisitUS CG-65 USS Chosin Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Esquimalt for MARPAC Fleet Review
2010-jun-13US CG-60 USS Normandy Participated with 100 years AERONAVALE with R91 Charles de Gaulle at Rade d Hyeres.
2010-jun-28Port VisitUS CG-64 USS Gettysburg Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
2013-jul-15US CG-54 USS Antietam Talisman Saber 2013
2013-oct-3Port VisitUS CG-65 USS Chosin International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
2013-nov-16DeploymentUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville damaged on port side superstructure when hit by a Northrop Grumman BQM-74 target drone, during an exercise. Damage took 6 months to repair.
2013-nov-20DeploymentUS CG-54 USS Antietam Typhoon Haiyan relief operations ordered to Philippines in support of Typhoon Haiyan emergency operations as part of USS George Washington Carrier Group
2013-nov-20DeploymentUS CG-63 USS Cowpens Typhoon Haiyan relief operations ordered to Philippines in support of Typhoon Haiyan emergency operations as part of USS George Washington Carrier Group
2014-mar-31DeploymentUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 JW 14-1
2014-mar-31DeploymentUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 JW 14-1
2014-aug-11Port VisitUS CG-72 USS Vella Gulf visited Constanța
2014-oct-6Port VisitUS CG-65 USS Chosin San Francisco Fleet Week 2014 in San Franscisco for Fleet Week.
2014-oct-6DeploymentUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg Exercise Joint Warrior 14-2 participated in JW 14-2 off north west coast of Scotland
2015-apr-11DeploymentUS CG-68 USS Anzio Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 departed Norfolk Naval Station, VA on 27 Mar, to participate in Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 off NW Scotland
2015-apr-11DeploymentUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1 off north west coast of Scotland
2015-apr-20DeploymentUS CG-60 USS Normandy to support operations around Yemen, deployed around Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb and the Southern Red Sea in company with USS Theodore Roosevelt.
2015-may-29DeploymentUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville departed San Diego for forward deployment to Japan.
2015-jun-5DeploymentUS CG-69 USS Vicksburg BALTOPS 15 deployed to Baltic Sea for BALTOPS 2015.
2015-jun-18HomeportUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville arrived in Japan to join US 7th Fleet
2015-nov-10AircraftUS CG-62 USS Chancellorsville With USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group in the Philippine Sea. Japan SH-60K 8443 aboard
2017-feb-25Port VisitUS CG-66 USS Hue City visited Tallinn, Estonia
2017-aug-1DeploymentUS CG-58 USS Philippine Sea Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 part of USS George H W Bush battle group
2017-aug-1DeploymentUS CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 participated in NATO exercise

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