DE 703 Walchensee class

Support Ship


Small coastal tankers used by the German Navy to transport fuel and fresh water between depots and to units near coasts or in harbour


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2190full load (tn)
74.20length (m)
11.20beam (m)
4.10draught (m)
12max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel

List of Ships

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DEGerman Navy A1424WalchenseeDRKI19662001
DEGerman Navy A1425AmmerseeDRKJ1967--
DEGerman Navy A1426TegernseeDRKK1967--
DEGerman Navy A1427WestenseeDRKL1967--

4 units


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1966-mar-28Laid downDE A1425 Ammersee
1966-apr-24Laid downDE A1426 Tegernsee
1966-jun-29CommissionedDE A1424 Walchensee
1966-jul-9LaunchedDE A1425 Ammersee
1966-oct-22LaunchedDE A1426 Tegernsee
1966-oct-28Laid downDE A1427 Westensee
1967-mar-2CommissionedDE A1425 Ammersee
1967-mar-23CommissionedDE A1426 Tegernsee
1967-apr-8LaunchedDE A1427 Westensee
1967-oct-6CommissionedDE A1427 Westensee
1994-junDE A1424 Walchensee BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94
2001-dec-19DecommissionedDE A1424 Walchensee
2010-jun-7DE A1425 Ammersee BALTOPS 10 participated with BALTOPS 2010
2014-may-16Port VisitDE A1425 Ammersee visit to West India Dock, supporting ships of 5 Minensuchgeschwader, also visiting. Departed 19 May.
2014-jun-6DE A1426 Tegernsee BALTOPS 14 participated with BALTOPS 2014

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