US Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)

Naval Gun


Naval Gun Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)


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60weight (tn)
127caliber (mm)
40Rate of fire (round/min)

Used by

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1960US Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class2
1960JP Destroyer Akizuki class3
1964US Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class1
1965US Frigate Knox class1
1967JP Destroyer Takatsuki class2
1973ES Guided-Missile Frigate Baleares class1
1973JP Helicopter Carrier Haruna class2
1976JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Tachikaze class2
1986JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Hatakaze class2

In Service

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US United States Naval Aviation
JP Japanese Navy
GR Hellenic Navy
TR Turkish Navy
EG Egyptian Navy
MX Mexican Navy
ES Spanish Navy

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