CA Provider class

Support Ship


Support Ship Provider class

First Replenishment oiler commissioned for the Royal Canadian Navy

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
CA Protecteur class 1969


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7300light (tn)
22000full load (tn)
168length (m)
23beam (m)
9.40draught (m)
21max speed (knots)
21000power (shp)
2Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
2Chaff and decoys Corvus chaff launcher


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    Typical Max
CA Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968) Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 23

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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CA Davie Shipbuilding - 1

List of Ships

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CACanadian Armed ForcesAOR 508HMCS ProviderCZCF - PR19631998
CACanadian Armed ForcesAOR 509Protecteur class HMCS ProtecteurCYTV - PT1969--
CACanadian Armed ForcesAOR 510Protecteur class HMCS PreserverCGRG - PS1970--

3 units


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1961-may-1Laid downCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider
1962-jul-5LaunchedCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider
1963HomeportCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider initially based at CFB Halifax
1963-sep-28CommissionedCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider
1969HomeportCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider transferred to CFB Esquimalt
1998-junDecommissionedCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider
2002CA AOR 508 HMCS Provider towed to Sirocco, Turkey, prior to being scrapped
2003Fate: scrappedCA AOR 508 HMCS Provider In Turkey

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