Support Ship Supply class

Four updated Sacramento class powered with gas turbine engines. Transferred to the Military Sealift Command from 2001


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48800full load (tn)
230length (m)
33beam (m)
12draught (m)
25max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky S-70 H-60 22
US United States Naval Aviation B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US NASSCO San Diego - 4

List of Ships

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USUS NavyAOE-6USS SupplyNACO19942001
T-AOE-6 USNS Supply 2001--
USUS NavyAOE-7USS RainierNAOE19952003
T-AOE-7 USNS Rainier 2003--
USUS NavyAOE-8USS ArcticNCLS19952002
T-AOE-8 USNS Arctic 2002--
USUS NavyAOE-10USS BridgeNGMV19982004
T-AOE-10 USNS Bridge 2004--

4 units


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1987-jan-22OrderedUS AOE-6 USS Supply
1988-nov-3OrderedUS AOE-7 USS Rainier
1989-feb-24Laid downUS AOE-6 USS Supply
1989-dec-6OrderedUS AOE-8 USS Arctic
1989-dec-6OrderedUS AOE-10 USS Bridge
1990-may-31Laid downUS AOE-7 USS Rainier
1990-oct-6LaunchedUS AOE-6 USS Supply
1991-sep-28LaunchedUS AOE-7 USS Rainier
1991-dec-2Laid downUS AOE-8 USS Arctic
1993-oct-30LaunchedUS AOE-8 USS Arctic
1994-feb-26CommissionedUS AOE-6 USS Supply
1994-aug-2Laid downUS AOE-10 USS Bridge
1995-jan-21CommissionedUS AOE-7 USS Rainier
1995-sep-11CommissionedUS AOE-8 USS Arctic
1996-aug-24LaunchedUS AOE-10 USS Bridge
1998-aug-5CommissionedUS AOE-10 USS Bridge
2001-jul-13DecommissionedUS AOE-6 USS Supply
2001-jul-13Fate: transferedUS AOE-6 USS Supply to Military Sealift Command
2001-jul-13CommissionedUS T-AOE-6 USNS Supply
2002-jun-14DecommissionedUS AOE-8 USS Arctic
2002-jun-14Fate: transferedUS AOE-8 USS Arctic Military Sealift Command
2002-jun-14CommissionedUS T-AOE-8 USNS Arctic
2003-aug-28DecommissionedUS AOE-7 USS Rainier
2003-aug-29Fate: transferedUS AOE-7 USS Rainier Military Sealift Command
2003-aug-29CommissionedUS T-AOE-7 USNS Rainier
2004-jun-29DecommissionedUS AOE-10 USS Bridge
2004-jun-29Fate: transferedUS AOE-10 USS Bridge Military Sealift Command
2004-jun-29CommissionedUS T-AOE-10 USNS Bridge

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