US Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)

Naval Gun


Naval Gun Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)

1971 - Mark 45 Mod 0
1980 - Mark 45 Mod 1
1988 - Mark 45 Mod 2


19weight (tn)
127caliber (mm)
20Rate of fire (round/min)
24range (km)

  Used by

1974US California class guided-missile cruiser (nuclear powered) CGN 2
1975US Spruance class destroyer DD 2
1976US Virginia class guided-missile cruiser (nuclear powered) CGN 2
1981US Kidd class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
1983US Ticonderoga class guided-missile cruiser CG 2
1991US Arleigh Burke Flight I class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
1992GR Hydra class frigate FF 2
1996AU Anzac class frigate FF 1
2002ES F100 Alvaro de Bazan guided-missile destroyer DDG 1

  In Service

US US Navy
GR Hellenic Navy
AU Royal Australian Navy
NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
ES Spanish Navy

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