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  • CA St. Laurent DDH class

    CA St. Laurent class


    Destroyer St. Laurent DDH class

    Conversion of St. Laurent class ships from DDE into the DDH type


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    1Naval Gun Mark 33 3/50 inch (twin 76 mm)
    1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar Mk 10 Limbo
    2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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        Typical Max
    CA Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968) Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

    List of Ships

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    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 205HMCS St. LaurentCGXG19631974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 234HMCS AssiniboineCGJL - AE19631988
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 229HMCS OttawaCZCW19641992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 206HMCS SaguenayCZFX - SY19651990
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 207HMCS SkeenaCGWP - SA19651993
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 230HMCS MargareeCGNJ - ME19651992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 233HMCS FraserCZFG - FR19661994

    7 units


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    1963-jun-28CommissionedCA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1963-oct-4CommissionedCA DDH 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1964-oct-21CommissionedCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1965-may-14CommissionedCA DDH 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1965-aug-14CommissionedCA DDH 207 HMCS Skeena
    1965-oct-15CommissionedCA DDH 230 HMCS Margaree
    1966-oct-22CommissionedCA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser
    1972-janDeploymentCA DDH 207 HMCS Skeena Assigned to STANAVFORLANT Jan 1972
    1974-jun-14DecommissionedCA DDH 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1976-sep-1DeploymentCA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine Assumes patrol from HMCS Fraser in the BRUIN WATCH while Soviet Navy ships search for a crashed TU-95 Bear D in the Grand Banks, near Newfoundland
    1979StruckCA DDH 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1979-nov-16RefitCA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine DELEX
    1980CA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser Halifax class systems testbed
    1980-jan-12Fate: sunkCA DDH 205 HMCS St. Laurent off Cape Hatteras being towed to Texas
    1980-may-23RefitCA DDH 206 HMCS Saguenay DELEX
    1980-nov-28RefitCA DDH 230 HMCS Margaree DELEX
    1981-apr-12RefitCA DDH 207 HMCS Skeena Destroyer Life Extension refit (DELEX).
    1982-may-28RefitCA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser DELEX
    1982-nov-26RefitCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa DELEX
    1985-octPort VisitCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa visit to Dublin, with CH-124 12431 ranged on deck.
    1988-jun-20DeploymentCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa departed for St Lawrence and Great Lakes deployment, returned 29 Jul.
    1988-dec-14DecommissionedCA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1989CA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine Harbour training ship at Halifax
    1990-jun-26DecommissionedCA DDH 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1992-may-2DecommissionedCA DDH 230 HMCS Margaree
    1992-jul-31DecommissionedCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1993-nov-1DecommissionedCA DDH 207 HMCS Skeena
    1994Fate: sunkCA DDH 206 HMCS Saguenay artificial reef off Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
    1994Fate: scrappedCA DDH 230 HMCS Margaree
    1994-apr-4Fate: scrappedCA DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa departed under tow for India to be scrapped.
    1994-oct-5DecommissionedCA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser
    1994-novCA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser for disposal at Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
    1995Fate: sunkCA DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine sunk as an artificial reef in the Caribbean
    1996-jul-7Fate: scrappedCA DDH 207 HMCS Skeena Departed Halifax for scrapping.
    2009CA DDH 233 HMCS Fraser moved to Halifax

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