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  • CA Restigouche class

    CA St. Laurent class


    Destroyer Restigouche class

    The second batch of St Laurent class destroyers introduced design improvements found during construction. Late 1960s four ships of this class were refitted as Improved Restigouche (IRE) replacing the aft gun with an octuple antisubmarine ASROC launcher and the addition of a variable depth sonar. 1980s upgrades included the DELEX ( Destroyer Life Extension ) as her parent class. HMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259) was further modified during the 1990 Gulf War with Harpoon antiship missiles

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    CA Mackenzie class 1962
                            CA Annapolis class 1964
                                                    CA FF City class 1992


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    2800full load (tn)
    113length (m)
    12.80beam (m)
    4draught (m)
    4750range (nm)
    28max speed (knots)
    30000power (shp)
    2Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Naval Gun Mark 22 3/50 inch (76 mm)
    2Naval Gun Mark 6 3 inch (twin 76mm)
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm
    2Rocket Launcher ASW mortar Mk 10 Limbo


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    CA Burrard Dry Dock - North Vancouver2
    CA Canadian Vickers - Maisonneuve district1
    CA Davie Shipbuilding - 1
    CA Halifax Shipyards - 1
    CA Marine Industries Limited - 1
    CA Victoria Machinery Depot - 1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 256HMCS St. CroixCGJI19581974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 257HMCS RestigoucheCZDE19581994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 235HMCS ChaudiereCZGJ19591974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 236HMCS GatineauCGWF19591996
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 258HMCS KootenayCGKG19591995
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 259HMCS Terra NovaCZJV19591997
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 260HMCS ColumbiaCGJR19591974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 261Mackenzie class HMCS Mackenzie19621993
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 262Mackenzie class HMCS Saskatchewan19631994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 263Mackenzie class HMCS Yukon19631992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 264Mackenzie class HMCS Qu Appelle19631994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 265Annapolis class HMCS AnnapolisCGKB - AS19641996
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 266Annapolis class HMCS NipigonCGZP - NN19641998
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 330City class HMCS HalifaxCGAP1992--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 331City class HMCS VancouverCGAR - VR1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 333City class HMCS TorontoCGAD1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 334City class HMCS ReginaCGAE1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 332City class HMCS Ville de QuebecCGAC - VC1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 336City class HMCS MontrealCGAG1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 337City class HMCS FrederictonCGAN1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 335City class HMCS CalgaryCGAF1995--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 339City class HMCS CharlottetownCGAJ1995--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 338City class HMCS WinnipegCGAI - WG1996--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 340City class HMCS St. John sCGAK1996--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 341City class HMCS OttawaCGAL1996--

    25 units


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    1952-jun-11Laid downCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia
    1952-aug-21Laid downCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay
    1953-apr-30Laid downCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau
    1953-jun-11Laid downCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova
    1953-jul-7Laid downCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche
    1953-jul-30Laid downCA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere
    1954-jun-15LaunchedCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay
    1954-oct-15Laid downCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix
    1954-nov-22LaunchedCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche
    1955-jun-21LaunchedCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova
    1956-nov-1LaunchedCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia
    1957-jun-3LaunchedCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau
    1957-nov-13LaunchedCA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere
    1957-nov-17LaunchedCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix
    1958-jun-7CommissionedCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche
    1958-oct-4CommissionedCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix
    1959-feb-17CommissionedCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau
    1959-mar-7CommissionedCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay
    1959-jun-6CommissionedCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova
    1959-nov-7CommissionedCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia
    1959-nov-14CommissionedCA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere
    1968RefitCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova IRE
    1971-apr-14RefitCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau IRE
    1972RefitCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche IRE
    1972-jan-7RefitCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay IRE
    1974-feb-18DecommissionedCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia to reserve as dockside training platform
    1974-may-23DecommissionedCA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere to reserve
    1974-nov-15DecommissionedCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix to reserve
    1982-nov-12RefitCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau DELEX
    1983-oct-21RefitCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay DELEX
    1984-nov-9RefitCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova DELEX
    1985-nov-29RefitCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche DELEX
    1988StruckCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix
    1988StruckCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia
    1989CA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere bow to HMCS Kootenay (DDE 258)
    1989RefitCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay received bow of HMCS Chaudiere (DDE 235)
    1990-jun-3Port VisitCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay visited Vladivostok in company with HMCS Annapolis and HMCS Huron.
    1990-augRefitCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova for Persian Gulf
    1991Fate: scrappedCA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix
    1992Fate: sunkCA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere off British Columbia as artificial reef
    1994-aug-31DecommissionedCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche
    1995-nov-18DecommissionedCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay
    1996Fate: sunkCA DDE 260 HMCS Columbia off British Columbia as an artificial reef
    1996-may-24DecommissionedCA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau
    1997-jul-11DecommissionedCA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova
    2001Fate: sunkCA DDE 257 HMCS Restigouche off Mexico as an artificial reef
    2001Fate: sunkCA DDE 258 HMCS Kootenay off Mexico as an artificial reef
    2001CA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova as USS Decatur in the movie K-19 - The Widowmaker
    2010CA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau Laid up at CFB Halifax
    2010CA DDE 259 HMCS Terra Nova Laid up at CFB Halifax

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