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  • AU Moresby class

    Support Ship


        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    AU Leeuwin class 1997


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    95.70length (m)
    12.80beam (m)
    3.81draught (m)
    10000range (nm)
    19max speed (knots)
    3Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Engine electric motors


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        Typical Max
    AU RAN Westland Scout 11
    AU RAN CAC ca-32 kiowa 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    AU State Dockyard - Carrington1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    AURANA245Leeuwin class HMAS Leeuwin----
    AURANA73HMAS MoresbyVKPM19641997
    AURANA246Leeuwin class HMAS Melville2000--

    3 units


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    1962-mayLaid downAU A73 HMAS Moresby
    1963-sep-7LaunchedAU A73 HMAS Moresby
    1964-mar-6CommissionedAU A73 HMAS Moresby
    1973-aug-13RefitAU A73 HMAS Moresby included removal of 40mm Bofors guns and raising height of the funnel
    1997-octDecommissionedAU A73 HMAS Moresby
    1999Fate: transferedAU A73 HMAS Moresby Sold to Chinese businessman as a humanitarian vessel, named mv Patricia Anne Hotung

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